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Chevrolet lanos

Chevrolet lanos 1

Without keyword

Diagnostics and repairs, which I will talk about now, were full of impressions, errors and unpredictable logic. I have not come across such a malfunction. Although the car is unpretentious, Chevrolet Lanos. This is almost the same as Daewoo Lanos. Production of Ukraine. There they go under the brand name “Sens”.

The old customer called. He drives a Toyota Land Cruiser himself, is constantly serviced by me, and so I was surprised at his call: “I wonder what could break.” But no, he didn’t call his own car, but was looking for a car repair service where he could take over the repair of his friend’s car. Not only would the car be non-core, I wouldn’t take it, but it always turns out like this: “I’ve applied my work to myself”. Yes, what a job! I broke all my brains. But I just wanted to help. I did not expect that I would then repeat after other colleagues who had already tried this car for repair and began to say that “this is not” sens “, this is” sex “.

The client asked for a friend and said this:
– Honestly, Michael, if you don’t take it, then there’s nothing left but to turn this car into scrap metal. We have already suffered so much with her!

Heed me to these words. However, the experience that I got is so deep that now I do not regret it. So, took up the repair of this car…
For a long time I began to use the methodology of the initial customer survey, and now:
“- Tell us what happened.”.

And recalling this repair, recalling the initial survey, I immediately set myself a big, big minus: “I was inattentive!”. Although how to say … it is now, fed up with the experience of repairing this car, I can say that. That’s right, you never know where you will fall …

So, this: initially, the car got into repair at some service due to the reason “something in the engine was banging”. The master looked and made a serious sentence: “The camshaft knocked.” He advised me to carefully monitor the oil level in the engine. The client asked, “Do you?”, He heard a positive response and calmed down. In principle, the problem was, but treatable.

In a car service, they went over the motor. Changed the piston, crankshaft, rings, valves, in short – “changed everything in a circle.” They began to start – it does not start. Murray this Lanos for a long time. But they could not start the engine.

The client looked, looked, got angry, said “Well you …”, spat and drove the car to another car service, to a friend.

Here they started a car (not immediately, of course, but they got the result). True, they started the engine on the air and achieved the work of only two cylinders. They decided that the whole reason was in the “crooked” assembly of the motor after kapitalka and said that they would reassemble everything and reassemble everything.

They removed the cylinder head. Inspected the insides. Rejoiced: “- Yes, they have not erased the valve!”. And they did as expected. We checked the compression: “Fine, it’ll start now” – and for sure, it started up!

But as it started: the motor was dying, twitching, working incomprehensibly on how many cylinders. This was surprising: after all, almost everything was changed, including nozzles, spark plugs and so on. What else might not work? Thought. And they found the reason:
– This control unit is faulty, they told the client, sent him for the unit and shouted after him to buy another ignition module at the same time..

When they put another control unit and a new ignition module, nothing changed. The client looked at the shaking motor and shook his head: “The same crap …”. He figured out how much money had already been spent on spare parts in the first car service, in the second car service and realized that there was “either-or.” Or look for a serious car service, where there will be at least some kind of guarantee, or … in scrap metal and a point! Nerves can’t stand it anymore.

The client told me the whole story and ended with these words:
– If you don’t take up repairs, then I have nowhere else to turn – I will hand over this miraculous machine to scrap.

I thought. The case, of course, is interesting. And I like such cases. To take or not to take? Just in case, I left myself a way out:
– I’ll take it for repair, but let’s immediately agree on the shore that I don’t give any guarantees. If all else fails, then do not pay any money. If possible, then together we will decide upon. Agree?

Customer agreed. Well, yes, he had nowhere to go. Or scrap metal, or cling to at least some, but hope. Deal.

They pushed the car into the service and began to inspect. The compression is perfect: real and in all cylinders. Valve? I checked for leaks with a pneumotester. I began to wonder: everything is fine. No valve hangs. Electronics? No, the unit is not so advanced. Here, most likely, pure mechanics. But what exactly?

I take measurements, I use the Shulgin script: “checking the contribution of each cylinder to the overall work”.

The second cylinder fulfills worst of all (blue color on the screen). But in the case of gas relocations, the second cylinder still tries to get into work. And on the twentieth is practically absent. When checking with a compressometer, everything is almost perfect. Is the circle closed? Hello, dead end? If the compressometer showed that the second cylinder works worse than the others, I would immediately give it to the minders. Alas. Will not work. There is no certainty that the reason is in this cylinder..
I take measurements using the vacuum sensor:

Below is the ignition system. The upper oscillation is the crankshaft sensor. Average – signal amplitude from the vacuum sensor

Ideally, all – both negative and positive points on a given waveform should be almost the same. And here is an incomprehensible scatter. Maybe there is some peculiarity? The machine is non-core. It is impossible to know everything. We must remember who of the friends is closely engaged in such machines …

At one time, I was at a meeting of auto-diagnostics experts in Ukraine. I met with many auto diagnostics. And one of them, Jura, is the nickname on the forums – “qyrec”. He kind of said that he was busy with Lanos. Need to call. I’m calling. Briefly explain the situation. And he immediately asked me directly:
– Camshaft changed?
– There, in my opinion, everything has already changed.
– The camshaft was placed original?
– And hell knows. It is necessary to ask the owner. And what could be the reason?

And I heard an interesting answer:
– The reason may be in the aftermarket camshaft. Now the time is such that, along with the original ones, a lot of Chinese-Nanai-made camshafts are sold. For the first time over a week, I dealt with a similar one. I just could not understand why the car almost does not work. And having thought, having weighed everything, at his own peril and risk he told the client to bring the original one. He brought it. I began to measure everything carefully and found many differences: the irregular shape of the fists; Incorrect cam angle wrong angles … complete crap, in a word. Such camshafts are mainly bought by taxi drivers, bombers, everything would be cheaper for them. They buy and start scratching their heads: “It stopped working.” You check with the client, which camshaft they put, check …

I call the client. I ask. I clarify. He rummaged through the papers and found. I ask:
– And what was the price?
– Three thousand rubles.
– Wow! – I answer, and the client is interested in:
– What expensive?
– And you yourself compare: a normal, “correct” oil seal now costs 3 thousand. And you bought such a heavy piece of iron, and even processed on a machine for the same amount. Nothing annoying?

Learned how much the original costs. Well, right, more expensive, about 10 thousand. The client checks their steps with me:
– Buy?

Well, what should he answer … it turns out that I take responsibility on my own head, at my own peril and risk. And if that is not the reason? But I agree:
– Take, bring and we will conjure further.

I brought it. They put it on the table and compared (on the left, with the blue mark the original camshaft):

Chevrolet lanos 2

And here look at the corners:

What’s the result: wrong angles, wrong boring, on the non-original (photo above, right), the approach is different from the original, the distances between the cams are shifted and so on.

So it was like on Mitsubishi Everything is accurate there: you put a new camshaft and everything is smooth. And here, if not for advice from a colleague, then you can look for such a sore before retiring.

Here is such an interesting history of diagnosis. And then everything is simple, replaced – the camshaft and the oscillation has changed. Left before replacing the camshaft, right after replacing:


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