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Chevrolet Niva 2015

Chevrolet Niva 2015 1

Chevrolet Niva 2015: a chance for the domestic auto industry or another failure?

Chevrolet Niva 2015 2

The second Chevrolet Niva was announced at the Moscow Motor Show in late August 2014. Unfortunately, due to the crisis, the SUV of this series will go on sale no earlier than 2018. As for the car itself, it is worth noting that the brand-new Niva received an absolutely latest exterior design and a completely modified interior. The dimensions of the car did not noticeably change, although they grew slightly. As for the length, it grew by 250 mm, the wheelbase grew by 160 mm, but they don’t specify the height gain. The new version of Niva 2 is promised to be made similar to the prototype.

What remained in the car is a swing door with a spare wheel fixed on it, as well as the old window sill line. In general, the appearance of the car is now the most aggressive, it uses sharp edges that emphasize its off-road potential. It is worth mentioning off-road equipment, such as a snorkel, a roof with fog lights, engine protection, axle protection and sixteen inch wheels. Chevrolet Niva is equipped with a 1.8-liter PSA gasoline EC8, the power of which is one hundred thirty-five horsepower.

Rumor has it that such an engine was recognized as very expensive, and they want to replace it with a VAZ sixteen-valve of the same volume, but with less efficiency, a hundred and twenty-two horsepower. Talks about upgrading the powertrain line now can’t even go on. There are pluses in the availability of a modernized chassis and a brand new gearbox, which includes a razdatka with electric shifting. In the future, they want to supplement this car with an automatic transmission, and even do not exclude the appearance of a front-wheel drive version. The basic equipment of the new Chevrolet Niva will contain more airbags and anti-lock system. Naturally, the price of this vehicle will jump by an average of ten to fifteen percent. I would like to recall that today the price of a Chevrolet Niva ranges from five hundred twenty thousand rubles to six hundred twenty thousand.


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