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Chevrolet Spark – an unexpected transformation

Chevrolet Spark - an unexpected transformation 1

Chevrolet Spark – an unexpected transformation

Chevrolet Spark - an unexpected transformation 2

At the annual automobile show in New York, one of the brightest new products that immediately attracted the enthusiastic eyes of people was the updated Chevrolet Spark.You can say that it quite successfully replaced the previous generation.

Now the car has received a more concise design and a completely new powerful power unit with improved performance. In addition, the car perfectly combines the latest security systems.

The basis of Spark is a platform from such well-known representatives as Vauxhall Viva and Opel Karl. At the moment, it is not known about the exact dimensions of the updated crossover, but there is information that it will be slightly lower and longer than its previous counterpart, but at the same time, the designers managed to improve aerodynamics so much in such a short time. Naturally, the size of the wheel bases will increase.

Also, the novelty inherited from Vauxhall and Opel a 1.4 liter engine from the Ecoteс family, which had been used very rarely before. This power unit can successfully work in conjunction with a traditional 5-speed manual or with a variator often used in our time.

Externally updated Spark has a slightly different body design in its rear and main part, and also on the sides there are stampings. Also, the changes affected the shape of the headlights, grille and, of course, bumpers.


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