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Chevrolet spark

Chevrolet spark 1

Chevrolet spark

Chevrolet spark

In 2005, the Chevrolet concern launches an economical and vibrant baby for big cities and megacities – Chevrolet Spark. This is the smallest representative of the entire Chevrolet lineup, the design of which is very worth noting, the masters of the Italian studio ItalDesign worked.

This car as if attracts with its unusualness and fresh design permissions. Very successfully complement the overall picture of the design and dimensions, both front and rear.

Looking at this mini car, one can hardly believe that 4 adults can comfortably fit inside, but this is actually the case. In addition, in the car, the trunk quite decent for its size can be increased by 4.5 times, which is impressive, isn’t it? All auto devices are placed quite conveniently and ergonomically, without prejudice to the personal space of the driver. Everything else, this car is no doubt due to its small size – only 3.4 meters can easily drive and park in the narrow streets of megacities. The line of power units is represented by two frisky engines, with a volume of 0.8 and 1 and a capacity of 50 and 65 horsepower, respectively. They work in tandem with both a mechanical and a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Undoubtedly, the low fuel consumption will please and most importantly, the excellent security system of this car.


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