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Chevrolet Suburban – The Secret to Brutality

Chevrolet Suburban - The Secret to Brutality 1

Chevrolet Suburban - The Secret to Brutality

Chevrolet Suburban – The Secret to Brutality

The United States is known for its outstanding cars, as well as the American automobile industry. Jeeps and pickups of most automobile plants from the United States are distinguished by their brutality and courage, not even characteristic of cars from Europe.

An example of such a purely American SUV is the Chevrolet Suburban 2500, produced by General Motors from 1973 to 1991..

It is worth noting that an analogue of such a machine is difficult to find; it is the longest and most dimensional in its class.

Popularly, she received the pseudonym “Texas Limo”.

Suburban 2500 was produced at three plants: in the USA and Brazil. In the United States there were two manufacturing plants of this jeep, in Brazil – one.

The appearance of this car looks truly awesome, since the length of this SUV is more than 5 meters. And it has the same width as the length of the average car – two meters (and even more).

Chevrolet Suburban 2500 is equipped with six doors – four for entry into the cabin, as well as double for access to the trunk.

Despite these dimensions, the headlights of the car are quite small. And there are only four of them. The door handles of the car are similar in appearance to the handles of the well-known Volga GAZ-21. As for mirrors, strangely enough, they need to be adjusted manually. The grille of this giant SUV is located on two floors, between which is the logo of the manufacturer Chevrolet.

Owners love this car because of its size and original brutal design..

The car’s engine is not diesel, as you might expect, but runs on gasoline. Its volume is 5.7 liters, power – 190 horsepower. Contains eight cylinders.

Inside the car is very spacious. The luggage compartment can be compared with the cargo compartment, and the cabin is designed for five people. There passengers and the driver can accommodate more than freely. On the back sofa, sheathed in velor, three adults can comfortably sit. In front are two separate seats. The car is equipped with air conditioning.

The Chevrolet Suburban 2500 is difficult to enter, as the car is equipped with a very high threshold. Transmission – Reinforced Four-Speed ​​Automatic.

The Suburban 2500 engine is very loud. Some car enthusiasts compare its sound with the rumbling of a huge reptile or the roar of a tiger.

Driving a car is quite simple, but because it is rarely used as an SUV. Often it is bought as a city car, designed to enhance the status of its owner.

If we talk about the characteristics of this Chevrolet as a city car, then this car is ideal for traveling on roads. The jeep “does not perceive” the roughness of the road, so it goes very smoothly even on a bad track.


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