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Chevrolet Tahoe Car

Chevrolet Tahoe Car 1

Greatness Chevrolet Tahoe: a notable player on the road

Chevrolet Tahoe Car 2

The fourth-generation Chevrolet Tahoe SUV is the epitome of the American auto industry: its massive appearance and brutality fascinate with its unsurpassed overseas character.

This powerful working SUV will appeal to conservatives, those who do not need the glamorous delights of cars of the latest generations..

The laconic design was made more aristocratic, adding some details: chrome elements are few in the appearance of the car, but at the same time they effectively complement its image.

In the updated version, the frame structure has become more powerful, as well as the dimensions of the car itself as a whole; In the appearance, clear and straight lines are traced, which give the car solidity. It is worth noting that, despite the increased size, the mass of the SUV has significantly decreased due to the new platform and the use of aluminum in the manufacture of some body elements. The bumper now has a new spoiler and rectangular fog lights – these changes have made the bumper more aerodynamic. The hood became more ribbed and many stampings appeared..

The windshield received an increased angle, which increased aerodynamics. Changes affected the head optics.

The salon got rid of deliberately causing simplicity, adding elements of luxury, in addition, it uses better materials. Changes affected the center console and the front panel, which is replete with a variety of sensors. The touch screen will pleasantly surprise you with its functionality. There is no doubt about the convenience of using it: huge icons on the display will allow the driver to drive the car as comfortably as possible. In addition, the system can be controlled from the steering wheel and from the dials under the screen, as well as using voice commands. The steering is supplemented by an electric power steering to improve the design. The salon can accommodate up to 7 people, but at the same time in the last third row there is quite a bit of space.

An entertainment complex is provided for passengers of the second and third rows – a regular TV is located on the ceiling.

The maximum luggage capacity is 2861 liters, with the seats in the last rows lowered.

The changes affected not only the design of the car, but also the technical characteristics of the Chevrolet Tahoe. It comes to Russia with only one version of the power unit: a volume of as much as 6, 2 liters and a capacity of 420 liters. from. The fuel consumption will be approximately 13 liters per 100 km. In fact, the expense may be even greater than the declared.

The cost of Tahoe is about 3 million rubles.


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