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Choice of breathalyzer

Choice of breathalyzer 1


In the context of the ever-growing choice of digital electronics, the expansion of its functionality and design solutions, it is not difficult to feel a slight panic attack when choosing the right device. Breathalyzers were no exception. The decision to buy a breathalyzer can be dictated by many reasons, but almost always accompanied by the problem of choice. In this review we will talk about the most popular breathalyzers of the new generation..

Breathalyzer ‘DA-5000’ – convenient and easy to use personal breathalyzer.

Choice of breathalyzer 2

Pros: In the class of economical breathalyzers, it occupies a leading position due to the high accuracy of measuring the alcohol content in the blood. The functionality of the ‘DA-5000’ includes the functions of ‘anti-cheating’ and automatic shutdown, sound and light alarm, a luminous digital indicator. Due to the low price, this breathalyzer can be bought by anyone who needs to conduct quality control of blood alcohol content. The ease of use and unpretentiousness of the device made it especially popular among motorists.

Cons: The disadvantages of the breathalyzer ‘DA-5000’ include the insufficiently ergonomic design and the lack of power supply from the car’s on-board network.

Breathalyzer ‘Profi’ – a household device with high accuracy in measuring the concentration of alcohol in the blood.

Choice of breathalyzer 3

Pros: The Profi breathalyzer and its more advanced AT-2000 modification are unique breathalyzers that allow measurements to be made using either the contact (using the mouthpiece) or the non-contact (using the built-in sensor module) method. Despite the affordable price and orientation to household use, these breathalyzers have the function of ‘anti-deception’, auto power off, the supply of control sound signals and auto backlight. Of the special advantages, it is possible to note the quick cleaning of the sensor and the ability to carry out a large number of measurements daily.

Due to its good performance and high accuracy of readings, the ‘Pro’ breathalyzer has found widespread use for domestic purposes. It allows you to accurately determine the permissibility of driving and avoid unpleasant conflicts with the traffic police, makes it possible to monitor the condition of relatives and friends, to determine the fact of alcohol consumption by children.

Cons: The ‘Pro’ breathalyzer is deprived of the possibility of power supply from the vehicle’s on-board network (this function was successfully implemented in the ‘AT-2000’ breathalyzer), the lack of a self-calibration function.

Breathalyzer ‘GIBDD’ – a professional device for determining the level of intoxication.

Choice of breathalyzer 4

Pros: The functional advantages of the device include the possibility of a preliminary analysis of the environment before the test. There is protection against falsification of exhalation with light and sound alarms. Autonomous food from the built-in accumulator. The traffic police breathalyzer is the most reliable in operation, has an impact-resistant polystyrene body.

This breathalyzer was specially created for use by traffic police and law enforcement officials. It will also be the best option for monitoring the condition of employees of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Cons: Relatively large weight (300 g) and dimensions (195 x 70 x 35 mm) of the device.

Breathalyzer ‘Club’ – a stationary device for determining the degree of intoxication by exhalation for use in bars, clubs, restaurants.

Choice of breathalyzer 5

Pros: It can be used as an additional source of profit, a coin acceptor is installed in the device, and the test can be paid, and the case itself can be used as an advertising medium. The output time of the measurement result is 3 seconds. Equipped with a set of special disposable tubes.

Cons: Significant sensor cleaning time (within a minute).

Breathalyzer ‘AKPE-01M’ – a professional portable alcohol analyzer.

Choice of breathalyzer 6

Pros: The principle of operation is based on the spectrophotometric method, which gives the highest accuracy of the results. Does not respond to impurities in the exhale and ambient air. Allows you to test a person in an unconscious state. The time for issuing the result is 3 seconds. Allows you to conduct a hidden photographic registration of the subject, printing the measurement flow. ‘AKPE-01M’ has fiscal memory for 40,000 protocols.


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