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Choose a car b

Choose a car b 1

Choose a car b

Choose a used car

Many people prefer used cars. The main reason is the lack of a sufficient amount to purchase a new car. However, there is a second reason – some people who only recently graduated from a driving school prefer to drive a cheap car first and then switch to a new, more expensive car.

You decided to buy a used car and you have a question – how to choose it. First, determine the maximum amount you can pay for a car, your main requirements. For example, you may have personal requirements for the type of body, the dimensions of the car, the type of drive, the location of the steering wheel, and so on. Decide on them to narrow your search. Then find some of the most interesting options. You can search both in newspapers and on the Internet, or maybe you’ll get an interesting announcement at the bus stop. Then call the sellers, arrange a personal meeting.

Inspecting a car is better not alone, but with someone. Firstly, you may not notice something, and your friend will notice, then the assessment of the machine will be much more accurate. Secondly, thanks to the help of friends you make the right decision, you will not succumb to the pressure from the sellers, which is likely to follow if you inspect the car alone.

Pay particular attention to seller behavior. Do not think that this is not so important. If the driver only extols the car, refusing to answer questions about its shortcomings, does not allow to inspect the car properly, distracts attention from some of its parts, and attracts others – it should not be purchased from such a person. After all, his behavior is very suspicious.

If the seller provokes you, says that he will give you a discount if you buy a car right now, then most likely it is an dishonest, unscrupulous person who wants to get rid of a bad car as soon as possible.

Inspect the car very carefully. Are there any areas painted with fresh paint anywhere. The color mismatch between new and old paint is often very noticeable, especially in good light. It is worth noting that just for this reason you need to inspect the car during the day, and not in the dark. If such areas are present on the car, be sure to find out what happened to the car, why the repair was needed, what the repair was.

The geometry of the body is what you also need to pay attention to when choosing a used car. Skews are visible to the naked eye. This, as a rule, is a clear sign of a poorly repaired auto-changeling, that is, a car that has turned over as a result of a traffic accident. If the geometry of the body is violated, problems will arise when opening / closing doors, hood, trunk and so on (this is at least!). Pay attention to the width of the gaps in such areas. Do not spare time for a detailed inspection of a used car, then you should ride it!


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