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Choose a car Mercedes-Benz ML

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Choose a car Mercedes-Benz ML

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The three-rayed star on the hood always caused a special thrill among our compatriots. In the nineties, the symbol of success and prosperity was Mercedes Gelendvagen, and the new M-class SUV from Mercedes- (a) that appeared in the ninety-seventh year was perceived ambiguously. MB ML received the marking of the body (163), survived several restylings, but the model changed to a new one – MS 164, only in two thousand and five. 163 ML did not escape comparison with the Gelendvagen- (ohm), which at the beginning it lost, according to the image factor, and important for Russian conditions – passability. The M-class chassis with suspension (independent) of all wheels is inferior to the G-class. There is no lock (forced) in the transmission. Plastic bumpers are located very low. In addition, the car of the first years of production has a very average level of quality performance. In terms of driving performance, car owners quickly felt that in this regard, ML “by the head” surpassed their older relative. Well, the car quickly gained popularity and thousands of overseas ML “flowed” into the country. The flow of cars imported from America and Europe did not stop even in the two thousand and fifth year after the change of model, and it continued until the increase of customs duties.

Initially, the skepticism of the Mercedes-Benz ML was solely determined by its origin (from overseas). The phrase “Mercedes from America” was perceived simply in no way, nothing special. But, the main sales market for M-ki, the Germans aimed North. America, therefore, the design features of the machine, sharpened to the taste of the “Yankees” and the production of these cars settled in sh. Alabama (Tuscaloosa), where it remains to this day. In the ninety-ninth (1999), the production of vehicles with the 163rd body was launched in Austria (Graz), but was stopped a few years later. The quality of the Austrian and American “Mercedes” did not differ.

The air suspension rewards the Mercedes-Benz ML with a smooth ride, without affecting handling and, naturally, the ability to increase ground clearance, only in Russia, unfortunately, it does not “live” for a long time. Salt reagents will soon corrode the substance that protects the air bags. The services have the “Preventive Cleaning” service, it does not radically solve the problem, but the “pneuma” service life extends. If we talk about buying a used ML, then a car with a conventional suspension is much cheaper to maintain, but finding them is not so simple, because in principle they were sold less. The expensive pleasure of air suspension is not only the cylinders themselves, but also the compressor, if it starts to “rattle”, then the air leakage (from the system) implies a departure to a car service. The front and rear pads wear out at the same time – approximately thirty thousand mileage.

The most common for ML motor in Russia is a three-and-a-half liter V-image. “Six”, with a capacity of two hundred seventy-two horsepower. ML-500 are more “gluttonous” and more powerful engines – 5 (five) and 5.5 (five and five) liters, with a capacity of three hundred and six and three hundred eighty-eight (388) liters / force, respectively. M 6.3 in tuning MG actually has a power unit of six and two liters (510) horsepower. Petrol V-shaped “sixes” “suffer” accelerated wear of gears made of cermet balancer shaft. If the “guarantee” was supported, then the repair could be carried out on a run of forty-sixty thousand at no additional cost to the owner. If the development of events is unsuccessful, this can lead to “deregulation” of the camshafts, and as a result of their friction, shavings (metal) can form, which can “ruin” the oil pump.


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