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Choose a used car: what to look for and what to check

Having asked the seller about the test drive, we pay attention to all the features of the machine.

When choosing a used car it is important to try it on the go. How to organize a test drive ?

When driving a car, each driver perceives it in his own way, but some features of the behavior of the car must be paid attention to without fail .

Keep in mind that the test drive is different from the usual one, so you need to tune in and prepare for the test drive accordingly. It is better to think over the route of movement in advance, having provided on it both equal sections, free from other cars, and segments with a broken road surface. Traffic lights and intersections on the upcoming traffic path are more of a plus than a minus. After all, this is an extra opportunity to test the operation of the transmission and engine in different modes .

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It is good if there is a section on the route where buildings or high fences are located close to the road – the sound reflected from them will bring you additional information. The route should include a section where there will be few cars on the street and relatively little noise. You will need to drive this part of the way with the windows open in order to correctly evaluate all the noises that the car makes. During a test trip, it is important to turn off the radio and politely ask the seller to shut up. After all, one of the first helpers when testing a car on the go will be … ears.

As you can see, for the correct conduct of the test drive some conditions are required, therefore, the time and place of its holding must be agreed in advance with the seller of the car. Knowing in advance the part of the city where the trip route will be agreed, you can navigate on the map and lay in the future route the sections with the above features you need, reports the autocentre portal.


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