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Choose parking sensors: 5 key criteria

Choose parking sensors: 5 key criteria 1

Select parking sensors: 5 key criteria

Compact and easy to install devices that simplify parking and maneuvers in tight spacesparking sensors. With the help of parking sensors you can avoid not too serious, but annoying troublesfor example, wing or bumper scratches. price aggregator experts will tell you which parameters to consider when choosing this inexpensive, but extremely important for safe driving device.

The principle of operation of parking sensors is very simple. Radars mounted on the bumper or wing of the car emit high-frequency waves. Faced with obstacles, the waves are reflected and detected by parking sensors. The calculation of the time delay allows the parking sensors to calculate the distance between the machine and the obstacle. The readings of the device are displayed on the display or panel (some models simply squeak in case of dangerous proximity). What is the difference between different models of parking sensors from each other??

Scan area

Most parking sensors presented in the catalog of descriptions and prices are designed exclusively for scanning the space behind the car. This zone is the most problematic from the point of view of the review, and not only for beginners, but also for experienced drivers.

Parktronics capable of detecting obstacles both at the rear and at the front of the car are less commonly used. They are equipped with two types of sensors mounted on the front and rear bumpers. Scanning the space in front of the car is necessary in all cases when there are low obstacles that are invisible behind the hood (for example, curbs) right on the course.

Also on the market are parking sensors designed to scan blind spots. In addition to the standard parking sensors mounted on the front and / or rear bumper, they have additional sensors. The latter are installed on the sides of the car in areas that are not visible from the driver’s seat (for example, above the wheels). Parktronics with blind spot scanning function ensure safe rearrangement from one row to another, preventing emergencies.

Compare the prices of more than 200 models of parking sensors in various online stores in Russia and choose the most favorable price offer you will help the popular price aggregator – the site “Nadavi”.


Depending on the design, modern parking sensors can be divided into three categories.

  • Wired. The simplest parking sensors. The sensors present in them, the control unit and the display (or sound indicator) are connected by wires. If you want to save money, and the need to lay wires through the entire cabin does not scare you, feel free to choose models of this class.
  • Wireless. In wireless parking sensors, data from a control unit to a display or sound unit is transmitted via a radio signal. The sensors are still connected to the control unit using wires. However, when installing a wireless parking sensor, the driver does not have to pull the cord through the entire cabin, so such models are more expensive than wired.
  • Overlays for mirrors. This class includes all parking sensors, the display or panel of which is attached to the rear-view mirror or mounted on top of its glass. Thanks to this driver, when parking, you do not have to constantly look from the mirror to the screen and back, since they are in one place.


The simplest and cheapest parking sensors are not equipped with a display and have only a sound indication function. When an obstacle appears in the scanning area, the device emits intermittent sound signals. As you approach, the frequency increases, turning into a continuous signal with dangerous proximity. Unfortunately, this method of indication gives only an approximate idea of ​​the distance and does not allow you to accurately determine the location of the obstacle.

Also on the market are parking sensors with LED panels. Display options can be different: a line of diodes (the more lights are on, the closer the obstacle), one lamp (changing color) or curly blocks illuminated by diodes. With the digital distance indication function, the parking sensors are very convenient..

At about the same price as models with LEDs, parking sensors with a segment panel have. It contains ready-made inscriptions or images that are illuminated, if necessary, with colorful lights.

The most advanced and, at the same time, expensive parking sensors are equipped with a liquid crystal display. On it, in addition to the exact distance to the obstacle, a picture from the rear view camera can be displayed.

Display placement

Parktronics with LED panels or displays can have different placement options. For example, they can be mounted mounted on a rearview mirror or on the dashboard. More versatile models can be placed anywhere in the car.

Additional functions

Modern parking sensors can have a number of additional functions that make them more convenient and practical..

  • Rear view camera (supplied with parking sensors). Its presence allows the driver not only to focus on the proximity indicators, but also to see the area behind the bumper.
  • Video input for rear view camera. If you have the appropriate connector, you can buy and connect a rear view camera to the parking sensors.
  • Video output to the monitor. A port that allows you to display images from cameras from a small display to a full-fledged monitor (of course, if available in the cabin).
  • Digital distance indicator. Displays the exact distance to the obstacle.
  • Voice Alert. With this function, the device can speak informative messages aloud..
  • Memory of remote elements. The ability to memorize parking sensors information on the external equipment of the machine (for example, a reserve or tow bar), thereby preventing false alarms of the detector


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