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Choosing a budget car

Choosing a budget car 1

Budget cars – a choice in 2015

Choosing a budget car 2

The acquisition of a car is the problem that every novice motorist immediately faces. In the provided article, we will analyze the choice in favor of budget cars, and find out whether there is a big choice among the existing range of cars in 2015.

For obvious reasons, the first choice of every modern driver is considered an inexpensive and universal car. We will not talk about the purchase of an inexpensive car for 60 thousand rubles, but analyze the budget cars that can be purchased this year.

Russian budget cars

If we talk about Russian cars, then almost the entire model range is cheap cars. This is also true for Lada Grant and Kalina, the price of which starts from 310-350 thousand. When choosing a car, you need to consider that this is the price of the initial configuration, which may not have the necessary options, in particular, air conditioning, window heating, crankcase security, multimedia and others.

The price of Lada Granta and Kalina cars as standard, acceptable for many buyers, is about 400,000 rubles. The most complete set of these cars will cost 500 thousand for the “Grant” and 525 for the “Kalina” – this is relative to the prices for 2015. A unique option is the Lada Largus, in particular five or seven-seater, which are designed for a large family. In addition to the large capacity of the cabin, we acquire an additional huge trunk, and this will be needed if you need to constantly transport quite a lot of things for work or for traveling with the whole family. On the provided budget Lada Largus car, you will be able to take all seedlings out of the apartment and bring back a lot of crops. Thus, on weekdays it will be a “working car”, and on weekends – a large family car.

The cost of the compact Lada Largus starts from 420 thousand rubles for the starting set and ends at about 575 000 rubles, which completely goes into the role of a budget car in 2015.

To date, the choice of cheap cars among Russian units is not great, because for example the cost of an UAZ Patriot SUV starts at 680,000 rubles for a starting set. A “cool” “Patriot” with all the acceptable options will cost about 800 000 rubles, which is not profitable and not budget.


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