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Choosing a car for a beginner

Choosing a car for a beginner 1

Choosing a car for a beginner

Choosing a car for a beginner 2

Today, no one is surprised that a huge number of cars are sold and bought in the country. After all, cars are indispensable assistants not only in the implementation of professional duties, but also a means of transportation during the holidays. Therefore, now every average Russian family seeks to purchase a car. But the procedure for buying a car is not limited to concluding a contract of sale and calculating the proceeds from it. This is a long and complex process, especially if you approach it wisely. The buyer needs to be careful and vigilant, as the seller certainly wants to sell his product.

Before you start choosing a car and bargaining with the seller, you need to consider a huge number of questions. And the first thing to think about is the means to purchase a car. The choice of a car class, its make, capacity, equipment and year of manufacture depends on the available or accumulated amount of money. Moreover, you need to consider that after buying a car you have to register, and this procedure is far from free. In the case when the buyer is faced with the choice of a car, but he does not have enough cash, it is better to postpone the purchase, additionally saving money. The reason is simple: the purchase should be such that it does not regret about it all subsequent time.

When selecting a vehicle, motor power is important. The dynamics of acceleration of a car, fuel consumption and the size of the transport tax will depend on power characteristics. Moreover, it must be taken into account that the mass of the car when loading should correspond to the motor. If this is not the case, it will be difficult for a car with passengers to climb the forest, and with air conditioning it will turn into a slowly crawling snail.

Plans to convert the car to gas should also be considered. The need to install gas equipment can only be caused by long daily trips. If you have to travel a little and for short distances, the conversion will not pay off soon.

After determining the purchase amount, as a rule, they decide whether it will be a new or used car. It is clear that the new car is a new one. If its owner turns out to be a reasonable and zealous person, then in the next 2 to 3 years he will not have to do anything, except for changing the oil, refueling, replacing the seasonal wheels and pumping them. This is the main advantage of the new car. Of the minor ones, comfort, cleanliness, and the smell of novelty can be noted. In the new car, nothing rattles and does not knock. Used cars have perhaps only one advantage – a low price. The buyer gets the opportunity to buy a car of any brand, but at a lower cost. Used car prices fluctuate depending on mileage. Each option for acquiring a car has its own reasons, only when buying a new car there will be much less problems when choosing it and during its operation.

Typically, beginners have to hear that the first car you need to buy is not expensive, they say, it will not be a pity to hit her due to lack of driving experience. This is true, but not 100%, since the new car will force the newly minted owner to take care of him from the very beginning, to drive carefully.

The brand of the purchased car is determined not only on the basis of personal preferences, although this is also important. It is necessary to read reviews of motorists who have experience in operating such a machine. Be sure to pay attention to the availability of spare parts for this brand of car and the indicators of fuel consumption. For a large family, the number of seats in the cabin is also important. A prospective buyer is advised to consider the many options offered. It may happen that the decision changes overnight, and there is nothing surprising in this. Choosing the cars offered by the salons, the more you should not rush. You need to wait until the action, and then you can save on the purchase. It is profitable to buy in car interiors in the spring, as they make good discounts on models released last year. Looking for a new car, you must still look at its appearance for scratches or bumps. The paintwork should be the same everywhere, like the gaps of the body, and the marking of the glass. This is monitored because the machine could have suffered shipping damage that was carefully concealed. In the cabin, the seats must have cellophane. If not, they could buy and return the car. The speedometer can not be more than a dozen kilometers.

If we talk about used models, then you should consider options in which there is a power steering (so that you can easily turn the steering wheel); ABS (anti-lock braking system that performs step braking); air conditioning (for adjusting the temperature in the cabin; power windows (for raising and lowering the windows without using the handles); central locking (when the lock is closed with a single button on the door). An automatic transmission can be included in the list, which greatly simplifies life not only for beginners, but a car with automatic transmission will cost much more than its fellow with manual transmission.

Well, for those who do not understand cars, it would not hurt to invite an experienced driver for inspection, or even better, an auto mechanic who can study the car both from the outside and from the inside. When buying a used car, his help will be invaluable for both beginners and experienced drivers..


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