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Choosing a car for a girl

Choosing a car for a girl 1

Choosing a car for a girl

For unknown reasons, in our time there are incomprehensible reasons for the belief that the female car is small in size, slow, and maybe even domestic. Is this true? Let’s try to figure it out.

Small car

The male population is confident that the woman does not feel the size of the car, and therefore, in order to avoid emergency situations, they recommend small and maneuverable cars, which are outwardly more feminine. But at its core, a small car is one of the cheapest of the entire model range of the manufacturer, so the gentleman pampers himself with what he likes, and the lady of the heart is cheaper. An experienced driver knows that if you drive a small car from the very beginning, then reseeding to a larger car, difficulties with these very dimensions will begin. But there is a flip side to the coin. A small car makes it easy to maneuver in a dense stream of cars, it is easier to find a parking place, and most importantly, the gas appetite is much more moderate than large brothers. For young ladies and students this is a pleasant option.

Choosing a car for a girl 2

Special model car

Volkswagen Polo, Volkswagen Golf, Opel Tigra, Renault Twingo, Suzuki Vitara, Fiat Punto and Peugeot 206 are rightfully considered cars for women. Renault Twingo, for example, is equipped with an almost “toy”, “plush” interior, which seems to be made for a teenage girl.
In fact, an indicator of “femininity” is considered the appearance of a car. If he is not outwardly aggressive, small in size, neat, and even similar to a child, the male part of the population begins to actively advise him to women. But this is not so! It is important for us that the car was practical. For example, women think about the safety of children in cars much more often than men, which is why car safety is an important factor for women.

Domestic car

When buying a car for a woman, many of us wondered: to buy a new ZAZ or a used Mazda? At a price they are about the same, but further apart. Maintenance of ZAZ, for example, will cost us $ 20, but for Mazda this figure will be many times more, and there may simply be no spare parts for old models. Sometimes a dishonest mechanic at a service station can call a price higher than real, just because it is a foreign car. But all the cars break down, and almost equally often, because the foreign car is no longer new. Experienced car drivers from Germany call cars older than 10 years junk. From this it is worth making conclusions.

Used car

For beginners driving, more experienced drivers are advised to drive a used car, because they say they will often beat and scratch them, and for women there is still a problem with a burnt clutch due to reinsurance. But a normal person who honestly passed his license, practicing driving at least a couple of hours a day, after a couple of months is already quite a confident driver. So why buy a used car for two or three months?

There is also another “but”. How many women on the planet will climb under the hood when the car suddenly stalls or oil flows? And to budge a stalled car? A new car is more expensive, but it eliminates these problems, in addition, the first year will also be repaired under warranty..

Slow car

In Saudi Arabia, until recently, women were forbidden to drive cars. But many still bought them, but not for driving, but to increase prestige. The car market even adjusted to such a nuance, and some manufacturers produce cars without an engine and filling, and at a lower cost. In general, speed is not important for us, but how fast it is gaining is important. It’s so nice to break away at the traffic lights from competitors and drive along an empty road.


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