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Choosing a charger for the car battery – Car accessories

Choosing a charger for the car battery - Car accessories 1

Choosing a charger for the car battery

A car battery needs periodic charging, each motorist knows that recharging the battery from a car generator is not enough to maintain battery performance. The on-board network load of a modern car requires a large power source. The list of electrical appliances built into the car has long been not limited to headlights and a starter. The simultaneous operation of climate control systems, on-board electronics and lighting leads to a lack of generator power. At such moments, the battery acts as his assistant, sacrificing his charge. Although, sometimes, the reason for the discharge of AB can be even simpler. Forgotten when the parking lights are turned on, they will put the battery in just one night.

To charge the car battery, you must purchase a charger. His choice is not easy! Here you can not trust the description in the car data sheet or the recommendations of the manufacturers, since there are none. The choice of memory is entirely left to the car enthusiast, so you should thoroughly understand the characteristics and models of such devices.

To begin acquaintance with the model of the charger is to study the passport and operating instructions. First of all, you should make sure that these documents are present in the package. If this is not the case, it is very likely that the craft that came to you does not meet the requirements for safe operation, and its use can lead to damage to the battery or even a fire. Details of the manufacturer must be present in the passport, as well as its warranty obligations.

Next, it is necessary to determine the characteristics of the memory, the most significant of which is the charging current. Battery capacity and charging current are directly proportional. However, when choosing a charger, devices with the highest rated current should be preferred. The guaranteed reserve will be useful in case of replacing the battery with a similar battery with a larger capacity, and will also help to avoid the device working in extreme modes. One should beware of acquiring Chinese devices, the parameters of which often do not correspond to the declared ones. Do not get carried away with savings, since the low cost of such memory devices most likely means that they will not be able to provide the correct charging modes.

The appearance of the device does not matter much, but by the presence of controls you can judge the principle of its operation. So, automatic chargers that perform charging by the combined method look extremely simple. On the front panel you can find the handle of the potentiometer that controls the starting charging current, and the current indicator. The latter can be either LED, or arrow, or even digital, depending on the cost of the memory. Using such devices is very convenient and you can safely recommend them for purchase.

Considering the principle of operation of chargers, they can be classified into two main categories: charging and starting memory (ZPZU) and charging and starting memory (ZPZZU).

Charging-starting chargers

ZPZU allow not only to charge the battery, but also provide a large current starting mode. The choice of functionality is carried out by the mode switch. The thick output wires of the ZPZU are made of conductors with a large cross section that allows a large current to flow. Such devices should not be connected to a battery that is not disconnected from the vehicle electrical system, because this may lead to a malfunction of the vehicle’s electronics..

Charging Pre-Launch Chargers

ZPPZU use a small operating current, and, accordingly, the wires of their terminals are thinner. Their advantages include a lower cost and the ability to connect the charger to the battery without removing the terminals from it. For foreign cars with an automatic transmission, in which it is not possible to completely disconnect the battery from the on-board network, this is extremely convenient.

When the complicated process of choosing a charger is completed, and you are already the owner of such a valuable and useful device, do not rush to connect it to the battery. Caution here will not be unnecessary! Carefully read the charging procedure described in the instruction manual. Strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and then both the charger and the battery will serve you for many years. By connecting the charger to the battery, you create an electrical circuit with two power sources.

You should always remember this and exclude the possibility of short circuits on any part of the circuit. The correct choice and proper operation of the charger will guarantee the long battery life.


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