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Choosing a tire center: what is important to know – Tires and wheels

Choosing a tire center: what is important to know - Tires and wheels 1

Choosing a tire center: what is important to know

Motorists began to think about preparing for the winter season, including the change of summer tires to winter. Continental tire expert decides how motorists approach tire center selection.

During the Continental study, about 800 visitors to the tire centers of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan were surveyed. Half of the survey participants came to the tire center to buy new tires for the winter, as the old wore out. It should be noted that in the cold season such a solution will provide them with safe movement on snow and ice. But at the same time, it is disturbing that 30% of respondents buy winter tires for the first time, since until that time they had no specialized tires for this time of year – it turns out that even in the northern regions some drivers continue to use all-weather tires that are not designed for movement in winter.

Choosing a tire center: what is important to know - Tires and wheels 2

When choosing a tire center, most car owners prefer points near their home or work (41%), while the cost of services is decisive for only one third of drivers. Good counseling (27%) and a wide range of tires and wheels (25%) were also important factors. It is interesting that the marketing campaigns of tire centers do not have a strong influence on the choice of consumers: 15% of drivers chose free tire fitting, 8% chose promotions, 7% guarantee on tires.

Representatives of tire centers themselves recommend paying attention primarily to the quality and wide range of services provided by the tire center. Which should ensure the quality of goods and services in accordance with technical standards and regulations established by the state, as well as manufacturers of cars and tires. In other words, the center actually and legally guarantees that the wheel assembly mounted on the vehicle is technically sound and safe to operate..

“The level of safety and unplanned expenses for maintaining your car depends on the right choice of a tire center,” says Vyacheslav Polikarpov, General Director of the KOLEX tire center network in Samara. – When mounting and balancing wheels, all rules and technologies must be observed. Poor quality work can lead not only to damage to wheels or rims, reduce their service, but also to create an emergency on the road. We call for smart savings. ”.

“Savings in choosing tires should not affect quality. Otherwise, losses can multiply: first you lose money on a poor-quality product, then on repairing the car or the tire itself, and in the worst case, you can pay for your health in case of an accident. Choosing a reliable tire center is not only a matter of material costs, but also a matter of safety, ”said Ilgizar Takabaev, General Director of VerShina, a Continental dealer in Kazan.

“Clean branded clothing of the staff, a spacious comfortable storeroom, new serviceable equipment, information transparency – all this from the first minutes should convince the buyer that he was in the service, where he will be listened to attentively and qualifiedly serviced. For many, it’s convenient to wait until the tire is in the cafe, using free Wi-fi. For others, order additional services: running diagnostics, tire repair or seasonal tire storage. All this infrastructure and quality is not so easy to provide, but we do it to ensure the safety of our customers and allow them to really save in the long run, ”said Igor Stolitsin, Commercial Director of Exclusive St. Petersburg LLC (St. Petersburg).

For those who want to save on winter shoes, Continental offers to pay attention to the novelties of the second line of brand tires, which use proven technologies and many years of experience of the concern. Among them are budget studded tires Matador MP30 SibirIce 2. Their behavior is improved in all 8 key indicators of car behavior on a winter road. The lightweight ED two-flange eco-stud has increased wear resistance over its entire service life, and the high degree of interaction between the stud and the tread block ensures safety. In the mid-price segment, Gislaved NordFrost 200 studded tires are available, the advantages of which are improved handling, braking and traction on ice, and increased wear resistance. And for city driving, friction Gislaved SoftFrost 200s are released. They behave well on wet roads and in slush, while moving confidently in snow and ice..

Choosing a tire center: what is important to know - Tires and wheels 3

Official Continental dealers have prepared a table for car owners, which will help each driver evaluate the quality of tire fitting on his car and avoid possible risks if work is not carried out correctly.


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