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Choosing an inexpensive car

Choosing an inexpensive car 1

Choosing an inexpensive car

Choosing an inexpensive car 2

When choosing an inexpensive car, you should immediately decide for yourself whether the buyer is considering the possibility of acquiring a domestic car. The Russian auto business is represented on the market only by budget cars, compared to the global auto industry. Starting configurations for LADA cars can be purchased for three hundred thousand.

However, if you do not take into account domestic options, you can pay attention to Chinese cars, which today are very widely represented in our market. Such cars currently compete in quality with Russian ones, and in price with foreign ones. For example, Lifan cars are widespread, the price of which varies from four hundred and fifty thousand rubles to six hundred thousand. Moreover, at the moment, Chinese developments are beginning to capture the attention of consumers around the world. Chinese auto industry is growing rapidly, crowding out competitors.

Modern “lifans” are not inferior in driving performance to Renault, and they are also used as taxi drivers by working cars. The Chery car is no less popular in the Russian market, its price approximately coincides with the price tag on Lifan. Previously, Geely cars could be put in this row, however, today the prices for this brand have risen significantly. The appearance of Geely has become more status, although the internal characteristics have not changed.

Better, but more expensive cars are European brands. The budget options for European cars include Renault Logan, the updated Logan 2 will cost the same four hundred and fifty thousand as for the Lifan, but this car has already established itself on the roads for a long time and seriously. You can pay attention to the models of the Daewoo brand, however, with the growth of the dollar, the prices of these popular cars also increased. Previously, Opel and Chevrolet belonged to the budget ones, but at the moment their cost has increased, and the demand for their lineup has fallen.

Therefore, these companies sell models in stock, and leave the domestic market.

The incredibly sought-after Kia Rio and Hyundai Solaris have risen in price, although the mechanism of appreciation remains unclear, because these cars are being assembled on the territory of the Russian Federation. Probably due to the huge popularity among Russian motorists.

This is the current situation in the car market. Unfortunately, with the tightening of the sanctions policy of the West and the growth of the dollar and the euro, the interests of consumers suffer immeasurably, and not everyone can afford even budget options of foreign brands.


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