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Choosing the right winter tires

Choosing the right winter tires 1

Choosing the right winter tires

Choosing the right winter tires

On the thermometer outside the window +5, +7, which means – it’s time to choose winter tires. Making the right choice and not making a mistake is quite difficult. This is a good deal, and I want to be sure of the reliability of the high-speed properties and the general level of comfort of the bus. Yes, and the objective way to select winter tires has not yet come up with.

Possible, our advice help you to make a mark with winter tires and alleviate your suffering and changes when choosing winter tires.

  1. Change all four tires (or wheels). Some people think that it is enough to install only 2 wheels, on the drive axle, trying to save a lot of money. This is a very dangerous distinction! As long as the vehicle is slightly disagreeable, this leads to a slight increase in immobility, which is only twice as possible..
  2. Studded or non-studded winter rubber set? In order to be able to do this, let us recall, for what reason, a stud is installed in the tire. In order to break up a thin ice crust or snow. Under the conditions of pure frozen frost, there are not many spikes from the use of thorns. So to set the spikes or not – decide on yourself, coming from the road, for which way you need to drive.
  3. The size of the winter tires MUST NOT be more than the standard size of the tires and even be tempted to reduce them by one size..
  4. A winter tire can be made in that it is made from a special rubber, more electric, than summer or all-weather. This allows her to stay more soft on the cold and save as her damping properties, so as well to create a good fit with the road. In addition, the winter tire tread is much larger than summer. When choosing a winter tire, choose one that suits you better. If you practice a large part of the drive when you are in the extreme – take it with a small, small protective lens, and have a slight warming-up when you are warm. If you like to raise the whole thing on snowy free spacs – take the best one, with a suitable picture (like a tractor), so that it doesn’t make it fast.
  5. Which brand to choose and which brand? The market dictates its own conditions and any well-known manufacturer if and ejects a winter rubber, that does this as a rule. Therefore, a big gap between the famous brands, by the way, no. They are all about the same size (or flat). Difference only in nuance. Kakie verily lychshe cebya vedyt nA mepzlom acfalte, kakie verily nA ldy, inye – nA cnegy … dazhe if ye pepechitaete 100 fopymov in int.epn.ete, ictiny you vce pavno ne naydete, tak kak date every voditel imeet cvoy’s Style vozhdeniya, cvoy avtomobil, cvoi ycloviya vozhdeniya . Therefore, do not rush yourself and other questions “what else should I buy?”. As long as you do not have at least 1 set, you will not see the differences between winter and summer rubber. A while not second-hand – do not compare.
  6. And finally. To select the tire you are interested in, it is best to consult a specialist. Speak to him the main conditions for the operation of rubber (city / highway / off-road), tell me what is your main cover in winter (snow, ice or lack thereof), what speed mode do you prefer. Lesterua store specialists will help you with the right choice and advise on the best option.!


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