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Citroen 2 CV

Citroen 2 CV 1

Citroen 2 CV

Citroen 2 CV 2

During the war, the development of this machine began, which the world saw only after the war, which is why the water-cooled engine originally conceived gave way to the air. In this model, an independent suspension of four longitudinal arms with horizontal springs for each left and right pair of arms was used. At the Paris presentation, a genuine interest was shown in the car, there were no indifferents. Many complaints were made about this machine. Nobody thought that she, with her unattractive mouse color of the corrugated body, would become the ideal of the whole of France. In the post-war period, models were designated by conventional values ​​of tax power. Cheap models had up to five conventional capacities called horsepower. The French cheval vapeur meant “steam horse”. The vehicle was assigned the corresponding model 2 CV.

The body was designed quite simply, but had a large capacity, had a length of less than four meters and weighed a little more than half a ton. It was not difficult to stamp the body parts, and anyone who knew the mechanics could repair the car. The canopies of the four doors are piano hinges; when pulling out a fastening long rod, they can be easily removed. For seats, the light tube frame was fitted with rubber bands, fabric was sewn on top, they were easily and quickly dismantled, freeing up additional space for cargo. The roof was covered with a tarpaulin, which rolled into a roll; bulk luggage was transported on it. Inside, there was no upholstery and power windows. The lower halves of the side windows were folded up and fixed with a simple clamp. The car had an original interior with a huge steering wheel, speedometer, rear-view mirror, seat belts in the front seats, in the rear there are only two seats, there are no door handles.

In an improved version, the bumpers had fangs, the body is trimmed with moldings, caps are clad on wheels, equipped with rubber cushions and adjusters from the seat. The pride in the cabin was considered a single-spoke steering wheel and a symbol of the manufacturer’s company. Everyone was amazed at the independent suspension of all wheels, which is a leveling structure with springs placed along the body sills, which prevented pecks during braking and squats during acceleration. The original shock absorbers damped the inertia, the front brakes were taken out of the wheels and installed in the main gear. The air-cooled engine with two cylinders rotated the front wheels. Under the hood was a heart with 9 powers and a volume of 375 cm ?. The car was driven by a 4-speed standard gearbox and developed a speed of 65 km / h.

At the end of the last century, a limited batch of the same model was released. All cars had two-tone color and round headlights. This batch was produced as an experimental one, thanks to great demand, it became a model. Instead of the usual signal, you can hear a beep. A machine in which the frame structure is easy to control in the automobile stream, consumes little fuel, runs smoothly. It’s hard to buy spare parts and tires, there is no stove at all, we can say that this is a car for summer walks.


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