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Citroen – a true helper for every driver

Citroen - a true helper for every driver 1

Citroen – a true helper for every driver

Citroen - a true helper for every driver 2

Brand cars Citroen very practical and at the same time attractive in appearance. We’ll talk about interior design and technical specifications in more detail. We will also try to determine what attracts this car to its buyer and what, on the contrary, needs to be fixed. So let’s get started.

Let’s start with the good. All cars of this brand have a beautiful, but at the same time individual design. Technically, they are equipped with hydropneumatic suspension, a good and reliable engine, parts and systems necessary for a comfortable ride. Soundproofing the cabin – at a high level. When you set the maximum speed, you will not raise your voice – no extraneous noise is heard. The car suspension is somewhat harsh, because of which you can feel small pits and bumps on the roads. However, due to the fact that it can be regulated, neither snow, nor low borders will no longer become an obstacle for you. Interestingly, when you pick up speed, the steering wheel gets harder. In addition, there are not too many buttons and sensors on it like in other cars. But this is even for the best – nothing distracts the driver from the road. Citroen equipped with an automatic transmission that allows you to control a car without unnecessary stress. Sitting behind the wheel is convenient, the seat can be adjusted to your optimal height. But to get in and out of the car – no. Seats of some kind of bucket shape, in order to get out of it you need to make an effort. The review is very good, parking problems should not arise. Also like brake and anti-theft systems, the engine is powerful, reliable.


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