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Citroen acadiane

Citroen acadiane 1

Citroen acadiane

Citroen acadiane 2

Production of this small commercial left-hand drive car began in 1977 and lasted a decade. The machine, designed to carry heavy loads, was distinguished by a modified chassis and rear brake – limiter, depending on the load, these parts interact. She could carry a heavy load in one or more low gears. The car freely takes on half a ton. The length of the body was almost four meters, a width of about one and a half. Driver and passenger door with horizontally – sliding windows. In the Acadiane, the rear windows slide apart and the seats in the rear are removed. In the mixed version, the sun visor was first used, which protected the passenger from bright light, in the commercial version there was no such innovation. Citroen and other car manufacturers are still applying this technology..

In the van, the rear double doors are hinged. At minimal cost, manufacturers managed to give the roof of the rear of the body additional rigidity due to corrugation. Due to the high ground clearance and special tires, the car can pass on any off-road, if there is not enough weight, then 4WD comes to the rescue. Tires with low atmospheric pressure provide excellent traction with loose soil, this allows the car to ride perfectly on soft sand. The ride depends on the condition of the tires, which are checked in cold weather. The load was loaded onto the car, then it accelerated, and then the pressure was measured in the hot wheels, which were rearranged diagonally. This method was quite common at that time. With an engine capacity of 602 cubic meters. cm, air-cooled and retro manual gearbox – the car lags far behind modern counterparts. The two-cylinder engine can be maximally accelerated to 115 km / h and there is no need to slow down when cornering. When under the hood there are only 32 forces and low revs, it is difficult to compete with new models in motion with a busy stream.

When driving on a high slope, the front wheels are deficient in traction, then rear-wheel drive is turned on, and obstacles are easily overcome. If the plastic fan is still in place during a hard or early shift to a lower gear, then everything is in order with the gearbox. If not, perhaps the switch was very strong or early. You always need to very clearly shift gears. If the fan blades begin to make knocks and noises, then the cooling hose may be damaged and a long repair will be necessary. The company installed a speedometer on the dashboard, and throttle valves were used to increase the engine speed, which helped the car to bend. The car was equipped with a removable handle, a wooden slip-on shoe and a grill-clutch in cold weather.


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