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Citroen AMI

Citroen AMI 1

Citroen AMI

Citroen AMI 2

This is the best-selling model in France, its unspoken name is “three horses”. In total, about two million cars were sold. The abbreviation stands for horsepower. Engine with a capacity of 602 cubic meters. cm was considered economical and such a car was a cross between the lower row of the market and the upper echelon. The market needed a larger vehicle, non-utilitarian notes, more suburban. The previous model has undergone some mechanical upgrades, the engine has become more powerful by compensating for the additional weight. Initially, it was a two-cylinder air-cooled. A flat engine with several pistons was offered for a fee.

The chassis frame and suspension are interconnected by independent trailing arms that are attached to the front and rear springs. The seats in the cabin are easily removable and can be used as folding chairs. The first hatchbacks were with rectangular headlights. Six months after the sale of these cars, manufacturers upgraded the model. They replaced the fixed windows of the rear doors with horizontal and sliding, making them the same as on the front. But, nevertheless, sales were low. The car was distinguished by a reverse – rear window rail. A similar design is used in the design of a more modern model. The new car design aroused interest in that the rear window frame was tilted strongly, the front part and the hood, which stopped turning over, changed and began to tilt. Front grill updated, four bottom holes added.

The rear passenger seats are heated. The hind wings have changed. The vehicle had air cooling of a flat engine with four cylinders, two on each side of the central crankcase and powered by it. This trial series of cars was characterized by comfort, safety and aerodynamics. Old-style motors had only 55 forces, and it was very difficult to buy spare parts on them. Manufacturers decided to install a new version of engines on all cars, which accelerated the car to 140 km / h. A stamping of the new engine appeared on the sides of the front wings, their weight increased, as a result of which the car was also heavier. Two lateral stabilizers were added to the suspension for stability..

Updated head lighting, began to install headlights with halogen lamps. The gearbox moved to the floor, the hand brake lever began to be located in the middle of the cabin, which became narrow and also updated. Its design has become significantly different from the previous ones. The wheels are chrome plated. The British magazine “Engine” published the results of testing the Citroen Ami, in which he shared with readers that the car accelerates in 30 seconds and picks up a maximum speed of 105 km / h.

French manufacturers transferred the production rights to the sixth and eighth models to the Spanish side, under the terms of the contract they did not have the right to name the samples they collected by that name.


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