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Citroen AX

Citroen AX 1

Citroen AX

Citroen AX 2

The car is economical and very maneuverable, in any busy part of the city you can easily find a parking space. Ideal transport in the city. Regarding repair, you can not bother, spare parts can be found at the parsing or bought to order, however, it will cost a little more than parts of other more modern models. It runs up to 150 km / h on the road, in order not to do a backflip into a ditch and not run into oncoming cars, it is necessary to hold the steering wheel firmly, due to its light weight, almost seven hundred kilograms, it is possible to get into a disaster. The salon is spacious five-seater, it includes quite tall people. The doors are equipped with electric windows and a central lock; there is no tachometer on the dashboard. For one hundred kilometers a car consumes 5, 6 liters. The panels in the cabin were plastic.

The car perfectly holds the autobahn, vibration is not felt, does not wag. It does not experience acceleration problems, including fifth gear, it accelerates to 130 km / h on a not very good road. There is no need to spin an eight-valve motor, there is enough moment. The wind whistles in my ears at 170, but because of the soft suspension, the car creeps terribly, the seats do not stay in place, you have to cling to the steering wheel, the suspension plays on bumps. The interior in the car is better. The braking system is rather weak, but it will do for such a lightweight super economical car. A minimum of money has been invested in its production, the fewer bells and whistles, the easier it is to repair. For stamping parts, thin metal was used, only the necessary places were reinforced, noise insulation was minimal, thin glasses did not protect against noise. Good aerodynamics, a short car is harder to streamline.

The car has a soft and energy-intensive suspension, high ground clearance provides good traffic. He overcomes speed bumps without slowing down. The suspension extinguishes all body rolls when accelerating to 120, then it starts to bitch and swing, it’s all about the wheelbase. In the early nineties, the trunk was changed, then the company released a model with a developing speed of 180. It is worth paying attention to the torsion bar suspension and the trapezoidal arrangement of the rear wheels. If there was an understatement of the case, and the torsion burst, then you will have to change the suspension, which will be very difficult to do.

The model of this brand in the diesel version for a very long time held a record for efficiency. The car was also produced in a sports version with a volume of 1, 3 liters, a double carburetor, and a stiffer suspension. Weighed more than seven hundred pounds and the engine had 95 forces. The four-cylinder engine was made of aluminum alloy. Spent per 100 kilometers less than three liters. A limited number of models were produced with 4wd and white steel discs. Then the sports version was finalized, the wheels changed, there was only one carburetor with fuel injection. The norms of exhaust gases have changed, the exhaust pipes have become catalytic. In the late nineties, the production version of the convertible was transferred to the Portuguese side. Citroen AX production ceased in 1998.


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