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Citroen BX

Citroen BX 1

Citroen BX

Citroen BX 2

At the Paris exhibition in the early eighties, several Citroen BX brand variants were presented. Designed by the popular Italian studio Bertone. A genuine interest was shown to the two-volume and five-seat hatchback, because it takes place on a par with other equally interesting models. For the first time, a new technology of glued glass was applied in the car, manufacturers changed the methodology for the windshield and rear window, it was decided to make the bottom even, to drown the door handles. The changes improved the aerodynamic qualities of the angular car and made the drag coefficient lower. This allowed to take a leading place among their commercially available brothers. The designers pulled the joker out of their sleeves and surprised everyone with a hydropneumatic suspension, a real source of comfort. The steering wheel remained the same single-spoke, because this is a business card of the concern. Three cars debuted with different engines and types, which are determined by the indices following the name. Citroen BX 14 was equipped with a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.4 liters and a four-speed gearbox. The car took a maximum acceleration of 155 km / h and ate almost six liters per 100 kilometers.

The model with the index 16 was equipped with an engine that was four-cylinder, 1.6-liter, 90 horsepower and worked in tandem with a five-speed gearbox. The maximum acceleration of the car was 176 km / h. Manufacturers demonstrated another version of the BX under the hood of which was a four-cylinder engine with a 1.4 liter volume and 72 horsepower. A five-speed gearbox helps him in his work. The power unit developed a speed of up to 163 km / h. In the automotive market in the UK, these models appeared only after a year. At the same time, production of the first diesel versions begins: the BX19D and 19TRD with XUD diesel engines, four cylinders and 1.9 displacement, the power of which is 65 horses. Then, in England, a diesel index model 19 RD and 19 GT appeared with an engine of 105 forces with the same volume, there was no limit to the joy of motorists when there were limited versions of the BX Leader and Sport. The sports version was equipped with an engine of the same volume and reached speeds of up to 201, was extremely in demand and put on stream.

The advent of the Break station wagon with a gas and diesel engine was especially anticipated. The interior is notable for its simplicity and comfort, the car in operation turned out to be unpretentious and economical. An updated gas-oil suspension system was installed in this model, providing a comfortable ride and adjustment for the transported cargo. In cars with a diesel engine, the height of the body is adjusted, which is lowered for carrying heavy loads and rises before the upcoming off-road driving. The Digit series uses electronics, 4 TC – all-wheel drive. Then came cars with an electronic fuel injection. The BX brand is very practical, landing through the front and rear doors is convenient, the passenger sofa is spacious, the rear wheels are under the trunk.


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