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Citroen C-elysee

Citroen C-elysee 1

Citroen C-elysee

Citroen C-elysee 2

Many people, thinking about making a car purchase, immediately exclude the Frenchman’s option. This stereotype has been held in the minds of people for a long time, tormented by the question: “why?”. This problem arose 15 years ago, when the number of car services serving French cars could be counted on the fingers, the same can be said about spare parts, few imported to the CIS countries, and if they imported, the price for them was just cosmic. Therefore, the main complaint to these cars was the cost of maintenance in case of breakdowns and how often they happen. This stereotype holds in our heads to this day..

What is the actual situation? To begin with, today French manufacturers such as Peugeot and Citroen have begun to offer fantastically flawless designs for their cars, and some models, according to many, look much more expensive than the money for which they are sold. The new Citroen C-elysee model, the Peugeot analogy is the 408 model, impresses with its design, and the price is quite adequate, and the new Citroen DS4 are generally crazy about its beauty, but the price is already appropriate. C-elysee has many advantages for an economy class car, firstly, it is large enough and spacious for passengers, has a simple and at the same time elegant interior design, a huge trunk, the consumption of this model with an engine capacity of 1.6 – gasoline is about 9-10 liters around the city, about 7-8 liters on the highway.

Warranty for Citroen C-elysee is given for two years, in case of corrosion on the car, the warranty is valid for 7 years. But, if you are hoping for a full-fledged free warranty service, within 2 years you are required to undergo a technical inspection by official representatives, well, and change supplies, respectively, in the same place. The cost of the first MOT is 800 UAH / 1700 rubles, the last MOT before the expiration of the warranty is 2500 UAH / 5100 rubles. In general, adequate prices in the current car market. But it’s even more difficult if consumables that are not under warranty service break down, for example, brake pads, then prices are already starting to bite. The replacement cost will cost the owner 1,500 hryvnias / 3,100 rubles, not so cheap. Basically, the rise in price was due to the increase in the euro in our countries, but, nevertheless, the result is still the same – expensive.

Service in car dealerships Citroen at a fairly high level. Within two weeks after your visit to the dealership, you will definitely be called back from the main office to clarify whether everything went well. We advise you to report an objective assessment, as they really listen to the opinions of customers and work on themselves.

As for the number of breakdowns, the situation is ambiguous, the C-elysee model has shown itself very well on the roads of Russia and Ukraine, the car is resistant to the characteristic type of our roads, plus, it’s quite practical. But, again, it depends on the ride, if you go through the pits at high speed, any car can not withstand such a load, except that the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado can show itself brilliantly. Since the Japanese were talking, the French, in turn, are less reliable and more expensive to repair, but let’s compare the cost of cars. Toyota Auris is similar to the class of the C-Elysee model, and Corolla can also compete, it seems to be an economy too, only the cost of buying a Japanese is 7-8 thousand dollars more.

Nevertheless, it’s worth considering whether the stereotypes about cars made in France have changed, perhaps times are changing.


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