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Citroen C-Zero

Citroen C-Zero 1

Citroen C-Zero

Citroen C-Zero 2

Manufacturers announced the release of the second model of an electric car developed jointly with Mitsubishi, which introduced fresh ideas into the creation and construction of this car. Its length is about three and a half meters, the wheel frame is two and a half, it unfolds almost in place, is considered the most compact and meets European standards. Four people can get into a miniature hatchback. To reduce fuel consumption and the emission of harmful exhaust gases, Full electric technology was introduced. From it, the engine starts and travels without recharging on lithium-ion batteries for a fairly long distance. An engine of 64 forces speeds up to 130 km / h. The French company guarantees a full charge of the battery from a conventional network for six hours. And if you charge it directly, then only half an hour.

The electric motor is equipped with the maximum possible traction, which means that the presence of the gearbox disappears by itself. The electric vehicle has a built-in demultiplier with a conventional differential, which is located in close proximity to the electric motor. It is easy to handle the mini-car, you just need to turn the key in the ignition to a sound signal, when the READY sign lights up in green, the speed lever, similar to the handle of an automatic box, is moved to the driving position. On-board computer, along with traditional sensors, is a device with an arrow indicating the operation of the battery in the appropriate mode. The blue zone reminds of recharging, light green – advises you to switch to a more economical mode of movement, the arrow of the white zone warns of increased energy consumption by the car.

The battery indicator replaces the fuel gauge and warns of a minimum charge level on the battery. Then some modes are turned off, then the limitation by the full engine power and increase in the power reserve on the residual charge are turned on. The car is equipped with a system that saves energy when slowing down and braking, while the battery is being recharged. Power supplies are charged while driving with the accelerator pedal depressed. A 12-volt battery is installed in the car, which feeds the power steering, lighting equipment and on-board electronics; they do not affect the power reserve. The main battery is powered by air conditioning and heater. During the trip you have to give up comfort. The electric car has two hatches for refueling, one with a connector for recharging from a conventional network, the other is connected to a special terminal. The car is equipped with a standard power steering, brake force distribution system, electronic dynamic stabilization, anti-lock, electric window lifters, airbags, air conditioning, Bluetooth and hydropneumatic suspension. High landing and a large area of ​​glazing do not cause a feeling of crowding, but tall and stocky people in this car will have little space.


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