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Citroen C15

Citroen C15 1

Citroen C15

Citroen C15 2

This light truck was produced at a subsidiary of the company in Portugal, intended for operation in remote French areas, in several European countries and African countries. In appearance, the van was very simple created for the transport of goods, so the rear axle was reinforced. The car has a standard configuration, two people can sit in the cab, seats are located in the rear of the passenger compartment, where tall people can freely sit. Under the hood, a gasoline or diesel engine works in tandem with a five-speed manual gearbox, front-wheel drive and direct injection. The body is all-metal with rear double doors and windows in them, windows are also inserted from the sides. A mass of half a ton can take a load significantly more than its weight. The model was undergoing some changes, the grille changed, three transverse stripes were added to it, the turn signals changed.

Unfortunately, poor insulation remained, accelerating to 110, you have to talk, raising your voice, the rear partition begins to crack after a speed of 60 km / h. Going on a long trip it is impossible to lower the back of the seat. The seats in the car are heated. High windshield gives great visibility.

The car is quite maneuverable. The main disadvantage of this vehicle is too low clearance, clinging to all the bumps and potholes. If the car hits the belly in the snow, digging it up will be extremely difficult. The engine does not cause any complaints, after 80,000 the car heats up and power disappears. After replacing the gasket on the valve cover, cleaning and lubricating the gas cable works like a clock. The weak point is the valve cover, you need to check for oil leakage. It is necessary to pay attention to the emobilizer from the manufacturer, it goes to the nozzles and can block the fuel supply.

In the car of the late nineties of production, an engine with a maximum configuration with a volume of 1.8 liters was installed, the clearance increased, you can not be afraid of borders. The engine is constantly getting dirty and this is a big minus. There is enough space under the hood. It is easy to wind up in cold weather, it can stand quietly in a street parking lot, but it warms up for a long time because of the large interior space. The car comes with a jack, which is uncomfortable. The spare wheel can easily be removed and put in, but you can get dirty by climbing under the bottom of the machine. Never let down the excellent brakes that work perfectly without anti-lock braking system, the brake system works above praise. The advantages of this car are a great overview of the road, a visible arrangement of devices on the panel, a comfortable driver’s seat, an informative steering wheel with power steering. The dashboard is finished with hard plastic with an embossed pattern and texture. The cargo compartment is large enough with compartments and niches for small things.

The disadvantage of this model is thin tin and insufficient lateral rigidity. In the cabin, the car radio works well, but the small speakers make a disgusting sound, through the rear double doors that are not adjacent to the case, it pulls a draft.


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