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Citroen C2

Citroen C2 1

Citroen C2

Citroen C2 2

This model debuted very successfully at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2003 and was accepted by the world of car owners with great excitement. In itself, this three-door hatchback is very harmoniously included in the Citroen lineup. This model was designed on the basis of a shortened as much as 20 cm Citroen C3 platform. Thus, the dimensions of the car are: 3.65 the length of the car, 1.60 width excluding mirrors, with a height of 1.65 m. But despite such compact dimensions, 4 adults can comfortably accommodate in this car.

As for the appearance of the car Citroen C2, it is very attractive, it harmoniously combines the dynamism and smoothness of the lines of the body. A very rounded hood, effectively emphasize the L-shaped headlights with an acute angle. The wide wheel arches of the model emphasize the sporting character of this model. This is also evidenced by the massive rear dimensions.

The interior of the car’s interior is successfully emphasized by the bright accents of decoration and decor, including the transparency effect, which has been very successfully applied in this car. The color of the interior can be selected at the request of the buyer, with a change in the color scheme of the interior, door handles and gearboxes are selected and installed to match. But still there is in the car and what remains unchanged is the dashboard that came into this car from C3. The back of the car has a slightly unusual appearance, instead of an ordinary solid sofa for three people, there are two easy-to-fold seats for folding the luggage compartment, which is not very large. The tailgate is also of a very unusual design, it is 2-fold (upper and lower), which is very convenient.

As for the heart of this engine model, the machine can be quite successfully equipped with one of the 4 units presented by the developers of the model. Three of them are gasoline type with a volume of 1.2; 1.4; 1.6, and with a capacity of 60, 75, and 115 horsepower, respectively, and one diesel engine with a volume of 1.4 and a capacity of 68 horses. All these engines can be installed in combination with both a conventional mechanical type transmission and automatic transmission of the SensoDrive type intended for engines with a capacity of 1.4; 1.6 liters if we talk about consumption, but it varies between 5-8 liters per 100 km in the city, the consumption figure directly depends on the engine capacity installed on your car.

In addition, the basic equipment includes an ESP, a height adjustment of the front seats, a power steering, air conditioning and many other useful devices that can undoubtedly please their owner.


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