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Citroen C3 Picasso

Citroen C3 Picasso 1

Citroen C3 Picasso

Citroen C3 Picasso 2

The design of this car is an element of the exact opposite. After all, it uses both round and square shapes, which are the embodiment of power and charm. Also, elements were used not only that are inherent in many modern cars, but you can also see many elements that are characteristic of retro style cars. All this composition allows you to achieve the appearance of a unique and daring style of the car. If you select the option of picking a car, which is called the Black Pack, then on the rear bumper of your car you can see the black shiny inserts that give the car sophistication and sophistication.

Special blown elements and high headlights were used in front of the car, which in turn allows you to achieve the visual effect of the smile of your car. Such a design is simply a unique solution that only emphasizes the uniqueness of this car model..

The rear end has received a rounded shape, with rear lights that the manufacturer has been integrated into the rear window of this unique car. In addition, thanks to this type of shape, it was possible to achieve a larger boot capacity of your car. This, in turn, is an indicator that, when developing this vehicle, it was precisely the exact calculations that made it possible to achieve high efficiency.

Thanks to the use of cubic shapes when creating this car, and many rounded lines, it was possible to obtain a large car capacity, despite the fact that the car itself is quite compact. For this reason, manufacturers confidently say that this car turned out to be compact, roomy, and the most successful solution for transporting a wide variety of types of luggage.

Roof rails

Due to the fact that roof rails were installed on the roof of the car, they are also design elements that emphasize the elegance of this car, and at the same time an additional device that will allow the owner to transport cargo on the roof whose weight is not more than sixty kilograms. Such a solution will be especially relevant for those who have the need to transport large oversized cargo.

To make the car more sophisticated, it was decided to use special chrome inserts in the design that were installed on the front bumper, on the sides of your car, and behind. This, in turn, is the most successful design decision, as it allows you to give your car a unique look that will distinguish it from many of its brothers.

Side mirror bulbs

Getting a person into the car at night is not very easy, but the car designers took this into account, because the bulbs were installed on the side mirrors of the car. In addition, such dumps are turned on for a certain time, when the door in the car closes or opens. Thanks to this, it was possible to achieve significant convenience in the operation of your car.

Rims also give the car a special twist, and users are given a unique opportunity to choose wheels from 16 to 17 inches, which in turn is a great addition that allows you to achieve the elegance and dynamism of a car. Especially exquisite cars look if you install 17 inch black wheels on it.

Panoramic windshield

The car received a wide panoramic windshield, which consists of three parts. Thanks to this, it was possible to achieve a great view from the car itself, and when you drive a car you feel simply immense scope. This decision allowed the driver to feel most comfortable while driving, which in turn is the key to safety on the road.

When solving the car roof issue, the most successful decision was made, and he received a large glass roof, which allows you to get the most increased visibility, which is complemented by good lighting of the passenger compartment itself. If the sun just dazzles, as it is brightly reduced, then you can easily close it using the curtain, which also consists of two parts, which have a built-in function called anti-clamp.

Large glazing area

In the Citroen C3 Picasso, one can note simply a huge glazing area, which, in addition to the fact that all passengers have a huge view, significantly enhances the openness effect of this car.

When decorating the interior in this car model, solutions were applied that allowed us to combine not only practicality, but also at the same time the design of the minivan and sedan. Indicators that the manufacturer was particularly responsible for the interior design are the use of leather and chrome elements.

In order for a person to feel comfortable while driving, it was decided to install a high driver’s seat, which significantly increases the viewing angle. In order to make driving more comfortable, many sensors were placed on the dashboard. For convenience, an option was included that allows the driver to adjust the steering wheel, but in height, and in the direction back – in front. For a more convenient movement, a convenient gear lever was installed. Buttons were also installed on the armrest, which allow, in turn, to control the side mirrors.

Despite the fact that the car has received a very compact size, it has the largest interior, of all representatives of its class. Particular attention was paid to the driver’s seat, which allowed to achieve a large space on the driver’s seat. In order to significantly increase the boot area, it was decided to install thin seats.

Built-in storage niches

For the convenience of both the driver and passengers, a successful solution was applied, which made it possible to obtain a wide variety of niches, the volume of which is 38 liters. The glove compartment in this car also has a voluminous glove compartment, which is ventilated with fresh air from the air conditioner. On the dashboard, several storage compartments, and pencil case holders were also installed. They also installed cabinets with legs, which are located behind the front seats, in the area of ​​the legs of passengers who are located behind. As for the front seat, a drawer was installed there. Also, special attention will need to be paid to niches that are on the sides, to places for cup holders, compartments in order to store road maps and other pleasant things.

Tables in the back of the seats

For the greatest convenience, a table was installed in the back of the front seats, which has lighting, which provides a special degree of comfort. This supplement will be especially useful for those people who simply love to travel for a long time.

The seats in this car are an indicator of a high degree of comfort, as their shape is simply a great solution to maintain human posture. The armrest itself can be easily adjusted in height, which will be very convenient not only for the driver, but also for the passenger who is sitting next to him. As for the rear seat, it is equipped with a special function of longitudinal adjustment, which in turn has three head restraints.

The front panel, which was installed in this car, is an indicator of the quality that was adopted from the minivan, which in turn makes driving the most comfortable for humans. As for the information, it is all collected and grouped for the convenience of a person on one information panel, which is installed with a special bias relative to the driver’s side. This type of placement allowed the driver to not be distracted from the process of driving a car at the same time, and at the same time see all the information on the car.

For the convenience of the driver, a lot of work was done to make the cabin soundproofed, which gives the driver and passengers the opportunity to travel absolutely quietly in complete silence. Due to the thickness of the windows and windows, it was possible to achieve a significant reduction in noise relative to external noise, such as noise that is emitted during engine operation.

For a greater degree of comfort, a lot of flavorings were installed in the car, which are responsible for spraying a pleasant aroma throughout the interior of your car. To carry out the adjustment of this parameter, a special regulatory device is available for the driver, which enables you to enable or disable the function of regulating the distribution of aroma in the cabin.

The trunk in this car has simply amazing roominess. The useful volume of the trunk is 385, and optionally increases to 500 liters, if you take and extend the rear seat a little forward. If the rear seat is fully folded, then you can get 1506 liters of usable trunk space, and carry cargo that is more than two meters in size. You can easily adjust the floor in your trunk, without much effort and tools. You will just need to remove it, and then install it in another place. If you need to, then your car can be equipped with special compartments in which you can put the skis. In order to completely hide your contents that are located in the trunk, you can use a special curtain.

In order to make it much more convenient for the driver to park, there are many parking sensors installed in the car, the effectiveness of which increases due to the installed rear view camera, which allows the driver to see what is behind the car when it is parked.

For ease of driving, a cruise control system was installed, which will allow the driver to set the car to a set speed and not keep the gas pedal depressed. In addition, you have the opportunity to set the maximum speed, above which it will automatically be reset.

In this model, special wipers were installed. Which automatically adjust their speed based on what kind of rain is on the street, which in turn is the most convenient and does not interfere with the driver.

Turn signals

A particularly successful solution was applied in the turn signals. As soon as the driver touches the turn signals once, the lamps flash three times, informing other drivers that you will perform a turning maneuver.

The engineers of the company approached the issue of manageability with special responsibility. Thanks to this, the car is very well kept on the road, and provides a person with easy and convenient control. In addition, you can choose your own engine, as you will be presented with three trim levels. You can also choose a gearbox based on your needs. Two options for the box will be available for you, namely the 5-speed manual, which has a high degree of interaction between the car and the driver. If you are looking for something much more efficient, then you can choose for yourself a 6-speed gearbox, which will provide more convenient driving. Each type of box is selected based primarily on which engine will be installed in your vehicle configuration..

We can say with absolute certainty that the cabin will provide good protection for both the driver and passengers. If for some reason an accident occurs, the car body will take the whole blow on itself, thus fully protecting the interior.

A special power steering was installed in the car, which in turn is the most successful solution, which allows you to automatically adjust the steering stiffness, depending on the speed of the car with which it will move.

In order to protect the life of a person in an accident, airbags were installed in the car. And the car was installed not only two front airbags, but also four airbags that are located on the sides, which are good protection for the human chest, and two airbags were installed to protect passengers who were in the back.

The brake system is made using a brake system that uses four wheels. Two front brakes have ventilation, anti-lock braking system, brake force separation system, and emergency braking system, which in turn is a guarantee of safety of life for the driver and his passenger.

Brake force distribution system

Thanks to the installed electronic distribution system, with braking effort, it was possible to achieve the most comfortable braking system of the car, which in turn is the key to comfort. This system is installed based on the vehicle equipment that you have chosen for yourself.

The car can be purchased in the configuration with the gasoline engine you need. To date, the company offers the user two types of the latest gasoline engines, which have a lot of valve heads, with a modern fuel supply system. This, in turn, allows achieving not only significant savings in fuel consumption, but also reducing emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. The efficiency of the engine is achieved due to the fact that each part is made with a lot of tests, which in turn made it possible to achieve a significant increase in power, at the same cost of components that was announced earlier.

As for the size of the car, but they will appeal to many, as they could combine both compactness and convenience for the driver.


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