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Citroen C4 Cactus: Doomed to Attention

Citroen C4 Cactus: Doomed to Attention 1

Citroen C4 Cactus: Doomed to Attention

Citroen C4 Cactus: Doomed to Attention 2

At a time when most cars of different European and Asian brands are losing their individuality and gaining some common features, the French made an attempt to stand out from this faceless mass. And I must say that they succeeded. Citroen C4 Cactus is doomed to attention. The appearance of the car in some may surprise and smile with its absurdity, in others – delight and admiration for its unusual and originality, but it is clear that this car will be immediately noticed in the stream.

Soft, smooth and even rounded body shapes immediately catch your eye. They are on the face and aft. An unusually complete absence of sharp edges, clearly defined stiffeners. “Strange” inserts on the side doors attract the eye even more. And this is not just a design element. This is a very practical bumper Airbumps, designed, according to the developers, to protect the body from scratches and other possible damage in heavy traffic or tight parking. In addition, the manufacturer provided for the possibility of replacing this element and provides them in several color options. A kind of interchangeable socket (similar to phones). They are made of polyurethane capsules filled with air. Similar parts are on the bumper. Actually, thanks to Airbumps and its roundness, C4 acquired the name Cactus, as it gives rise to an association with a prickly exotic plant on a quick glance.

A less visible element of the body is the panoramic roof. This is nothing in excess of the new, but the French have used “self-darkening” glass, which effectively protects against ultraviolet radiation..

Even more surprising is the interior of the Cactus. At first glance, minimalism rushes into the approach. But everything is done in French exquisitely and tastefully. So that there is no impression of cheapness. Looking at the front panel does not leave the feeling that something similar has already been used in cars. Having rummaged in the annals of memory, you recall that cars of the 50-60s had a similar panel – a round clock face and a radio. Only now, instead of a mechanical watch, there is a 7-inch touch screen display of the multimedia system, from which all settings and control of devices are made, and instead of a round speedometer, a somewhat unusual and even somewhat ridiculous, flat screen on which all the information necessary for the driver is displayed.

It is pleasantly surprising that there is no huge distance between the driver and the windshield with an endless dashboard, which is also characteristic of retro cars. Also from the last century in the Citroen C4 Cactus migrated front sofa – a common seat for the driver and passenger.

Designers paid great attention to the ergonomics of the internal space. This is noticeable in the back of the front sofa, and in the placement of the front airbags, which are unusually located on top.

Designers came up with a new approach to solving familiar problems. So, for example, instead of the falling windows of the rear doors, they made them ajar, like window leaves.

Such a decision has a purely practical intent. This technical solution, in conjunction with many others, allowed to reduce the weight of the car by 200 kg. Weight reduction in conjunction with fuel-efficient engines is designed to reduce fuel consumption. Cactus appetite is declared by the manufacturer at 3.2 liters per 100 km. for a 1.6-liter diesel engine with 92 hp Owners of 1.2 liter petrol units and 110 hp will consume fuel a little more.

Like any modern car, the C4 is equipped with an anti-lock system, a stabilization system, a system for assisting with ascent / descent on slopes, air conditioning, cruise control, an audio system, electric windows, fog lights. In a more expensive configuration, along with the following are available: climate control, light, rain sensors, parking sensors, rear view camera, navigator, alloy wheels.

Motorists, who appreciated the uniqueness and originality of the Cactus, nevertheless note a small ground clearance, insufficient speed of the car. The size of the trunk is not impressive either..

Nevertheless, it is likely that many innovative ideas of French designers and designers will find their development and application in the products of other automakers.


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