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Citroen C8

Citroen C8 1

Citroen C8

Citroen C8 2

This model debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in the spring of 2002..

Like the previous model, the Citroen C6 C8 was a replacement for the Evasion released in 1994. C8 is a comfortable minivan designed for a large family and for transporting both passengers and small loads, in a word, this is a full-fledged, and most importantly reliable workhorse. Like all cars of the Citroen C8 line, it got a very effective design that successfully combines with comfort and reliability. The developers of the Citroen concern tried to make the appearance of this car more distinctive by adding elements such as large rounded and slightly slanted headlights, a streamlined body shape, and most importantly a very large-scale windshield capable of providing a good road view. The driver’s door and rear handles are connected in one line and look very impressive.

Compared to its predecessor Citroen Evasion, the C8 has become noticeably longer and wider, which makes its interior even more spacious and roomy. Comfortably accommodate in this model can 8 adult passengers together with their luggage. A feature of this model was the fact that, at the request of the buyer, the car can be made both 5-seater and 8-seater. In addition, the special mounting of the seats allows you to freely reinstall or deploy them to 180 degrees. In the first releases of these cars, the side doors opened to the gun, later during the updates carried out with this model in 2006 they become sliding, equipped with an electric drive, which makes it possible to control them even from the key or from one of the passenger seats. As for the interior design of the car, it is made with great comfort, here the developers thought out and provided for every little thing, starting from the main control buttons of this model located literally at the driver’s hand, ending with all kinds of cup holders and compartments for small items. The driver’s seat itself is located on the right and in such a position as to ensure maximum road vision and comfort for the driver himself. The steering wheel is also equipped with automatic electric adjustment. The luggage compartment of this model is very impressive 480 liters, but this is not the limit, if you dismantle all passenger seats from the passenger compartment leaving only two front seats, we get a large cargo compartment with a volume of 2950 liters.

Five engines are offered for this model, three of which are gasoline-type with a volume of 2 liters, 2.2 liters, and 3 liters, with a capacity of 138, 160 and 205 horsepower, respectively. And two turbodiesels with a volume of 2 liters and a capacity of 110 horsepower and 2.2 liters with a capacity of 136 hp By the way, a 3-liter gasoline engine can accelerate the car to 100 km / h in 10.5 seconds with a maximum speed of 211 km / h.


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