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Citroen DS3 for family people

Citroen DS3 for family people 1

Citroen DS3 for family people

Citroen DS3 for family people 2

Citroen DS3 is practically no different from C3. They have many common details that you won’t see immediately. A small compact hatchback will appeal to many buyers. In DS3, index 3 was taken from C3. If we talk about the similarities, then they are expressed in the windshield, hood, wings. But overall, the DS3 has an amazing view. New wheels are striking. Of course, not many people will like the dark plum color of the car. But the manufacturer is ready to offer several colors for the roof, 4 options for mirrors, 5 ways to trim the gear lever, 6 shades for the interior.

If you drive a little by car, it immediately becomes that the gearbox is not perfect. A 1.6-liter turbocharged engine is installed, which works for sure and it is pleasantly pleasing. The car on the road produces up to 150 hp, so that acceleration of 100 km / h is achieved in 7.3 seconds. Of course, maybe this is not enough for someone, but the figure is quite good. The improved display has reliable navigation. There is an automatic climate control. Fuel consumption an average of 9.4 liters. In urban conditions, this is also good.

The car’s interior is hardly spacious, but passengers will not be too crowded. The car can even be called a family car. The seats are quite comfortable, you can customize them at your discretion. This Citroen is quite comfortable. No extraneous noise will spoil the trip. The cost of the car is quite affordable for many residents of our country. Just before buying, it is worth noting that there is no “automatic”. But this is not so sad. The steering wheel is made in sports style. City car copes with the trip. It is perfect for young people, people who like to travel. In a compact car it will always be convenient. You can choose a Citroen tedious color scheme.


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