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Citroen DS3

Citroen DS3 1

Citroen DS3

Citroen DS3 2

Stylish, dynamic car, decorated with a monumental bumper. The manufacturer presents a number of configurations in its appearance. A diverse gamut of body colors and a roof of four shades make up a large number of combinations in color design. A potential buyer is offered a large color combination of a glossy finish on the front panel with two-tone alloy wheels. The car comes complete with chrome-plated or body-tone exterior mirrors and a signature sticker on the roof, tightly tinted rear window.

For Russia, the Citroen DS3 comes in a gasoline version, the engine is equipped with a 120 strong manual gearbox in five stages, a four-speed automatic, with a turbocharged version of 150 horses and a six-speed manual. Diesel cars do not come to us. The car was originally created for the rally, but then manufacturers developed several more models of this brand. To create it, the power frame of the rear part has changed, it has become heavier and has remained just as practical. To install a movable curtain, manufacturers did not abandon the five-seater cabin, only reduced the amount of luggage.

The interior of the cabin is a match for a car, everything looks compact, while at the same time, the feeling of freedom that the design of the rear window, the longitudinal inclination of the roof, and the front pillars narrowed to a minimum, do not leave. A driver’s seat with a wide selection of settings has a comfortable fit even for a person of average build. The seats are trimmed with high quality leather. All necessary information can be seen on the three-dimensional panel located on the central panel. The monitor is equipped with multimedia and navigation system. Not without a CD player and player, the car is equipped with a typical power accessories, the on-board computer is equipped with HiFi and MyWay navigation.

The pedals are trimmed with anti-slip mats, the chrome gear lever is trimmed with colored leather. The steering wheel is flattened at the base. The rear seats fold down and trunk space increases. In a refrigerated glove box you can store drinks in hot weather. The salon is equipped with secret niches. In the back seat it’s not so easy to accommodate three, tall passengers touch their tops of the ceiling, there is not enough legroom.

The hatchback is equipped with anti-lock brakes, electronic brake force distribution, emergency braking and dynamic stabilization. Six airbags and three-point seat belts with pretensioners protect passengers inside the passenger compartment. During movement, an automatic door lock occurs, the driver receives a warning from special indicators about unfastened belts.

Steering is the only drawback – you have to make three full turns of the steering wheel, if you make frequent turns then you have to intercept the steering wheel. Off-road harsh suspension.


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