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Citroen DS4

Citroen DS4 1

Citroen DS4

Citroen DS4 2

Sedan created for the city and active people. Pleases with its comfort, functionality, power and dynamism. Its lines repeat a smooth silhouette, which is usually found in coupes and looks unusual on hatchbacks. An unusual arrangement of handles hidden in the rear doors, which make up, it would seem, one with the arches of the rear wheels. The shape of the taillights resembles boomerangs, it all gives off with novelty and originality. A car with a large and panoramic windshield. The roof flowing down ends with a spoiler. The grille is decorated with branded chrome chevrons and company logo. The bumper, moldings are covered with chrome, glass is framed. LED headlights are on 24 hours a day..

The iron horse is a little over four meters long. Models are produced with two diesel engines and three gasoline engines of different capacities. All of them are equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox or automatic. The operation of the engines is economical, the gas analyzer will show a low level of emissions that meets European standards. The wheels are equipped with ventilated disc brakes. The front of the car is reinforced with uprights, while the rear has a more flexible crossbeam. Safe riding and steering with ventilated disc brakes and stability.

The car is equipped with anti-lock braking system, electronic brake force distribution, stabilizing system, traction control, airbags. Also equipped with fog lights, cruise control, power accessories, audio system, air conditioning, trip computer, central locking, folding rear seats, emergency call system.

It looks like a small car, and inside there is a roomy interior for five people and a voluminous trunk. The car owner can find places to store various items, the doors are equipped with spacious pockets, a drawer is hidden under the passenger seat, a display with software audio system, automatic climate control. The front seats are equipped with electric massage. The driver has created comfortable conditions by deploying the dashboard and the center console in his direction.

The dials are backlit with a bright light that changes from white to blue. Panels upholstered in plastic and soft to the touch, seats upholstered in leather in five colors, including a two-tone version. The windows are equipped with sun shields, many different drawers with lighting and cooling, sockets for 12 and 230 volts, there is a USB connector. The engine compartment is sealed with noise insulation, gaskets on the doors and glass are glued with soundproof tape.

Citroen DS4 perfectly obeys the steering wheel, behaves well on a good road, harshly overcomes pits. At the entrance to a sharp turn, it keeps a roll, feedback is provided by the steering wheel, the amplifier itself chooses the correct angle of inclination, and cannot be swayed. A car is shaking on poor coverage.


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