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Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso 1

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso 2

The rigging of the new Citroen could argue with limos.

The design of the new car should appeal to those who like nontrivial expressive cars. Nevertheless, the French did not particularly restrain the creative impulse of designers, and again managed to present something new and interesting. New taillights with 3D LED backlight, such are not available only in the initial version.

Salon is made in a rather original version. Soft textured plastic and color scheme. The 12-inch monitor can offer a choice of three themes of instrument combinations. Changing themes, changing the appearance of the second 7-inch panel. To control climate control or navigation and other settings, you need to have some idea about using a smartphone. But on a trip, finding the right button is sometimes distracting.

The front seats are equipped with electric massage, you can adjust the intensity. There is Internet access, automatic check-in and check-out for parking lots, cameras for all-round visibility and 4-zone climate control. Standard features like a flashlight integrated in the trunk and a sliding panel above the windshield were left untouched. Thin windshield struts reduce dead spots.

A 12-inch screen can display personal photos, change themes and devices. The style of the bottom panel is synchronized with the top, so they both look equally harmonious. For a wealthy level, built-in leg support for the front passenger is standard. The middle class can use this option as an extra. Headrests have support, but a budget option will have to pay extra for this option..

For middle-class passengers, it is possible to adjust the climate control, individual lighting. The seats are slightly narrow, three passengers may be cramped in the shoulders.

The Grand C4 has active bi-xenon headlights, dead-zone monitoring, a large panoramic roof and cruise control. All this is in a 7-seater minivan. There is a lot of space. Everywhere in the car there are various compartments and pockets with all kinds of niches. The space between the front seats is reserved for the console with spacious compartments. It can be removed to open the passage to the rear seats. The second row of seats is three adjustable chairs. If you use all the free places, the trunk is quite much reduced in volume.

It’s quiet when driving in a car. Side glass – laminated, shockproof. Brand-name acoustics sound decent, creates the effect of being in the concert hall.

The turbodiesel has a volume of 1.6 liters. At low speeds it is quiet, at high – it sounds unobtrusive and smooth. For our roads, the car fits almost perfectly, the suspension copes with shocks from bumps and dampens major defects. Speed ​​bumps in the cabin are almost imperceptible. Impressive pits sometimes give off noise.

Spacious interior and a wide variety of compartments, smooth running of the car, the trips will be quite comfortable, but there is not enough space in the second row, it is rather narrow.

The gearbox is rude, there is no possibility of choosing the type of engine and transmission. Safety features are almost the same for all classes of cars, but more advanced ones are exclusive to the expensive version, and are not available as cheaper ones..


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