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Citroen Jumper (2013)

Citroen Jumper (2013) 1

Without keyword

From this article, the reader will receive answers to such questions:

· What is a “typical malfunction” and why does this malfunction become

· What is “car reliability”

· How to look for electrical circuits for a car on the Internet

· How to repair a car without electrical circuits

Citroen Jumper (2013) 2

For me, a malfunction becomes “typical” not after it gets caught several times in a row, but after repair and analysis of this repair (which I always do). And now I can say: a French minibus manufactured in 2013 by Citroen Jumper is a “typical malfunction”. This is one big “typical malfunction.” Now more.

This car came to us for repair from another car service center, where it was diagnosed and told the owner that “the car must be re-flashed to EURO-3 and the malfunction will go away: there will be no errors in the malfunction of the second engine cooling fan”.

Such a statement seemed at first glance unusual. Fan? It produces errors, CHECK lights up and the engine falls into emergency operation with limited power and speed? It’s funny This has not yet happened. Here with such a mood I set about diagnosing this amazing French truck.

What the malfunction looks like:

– the car is in emergency mode

– the motor does not spin more than 2,000 rpm

– Steady CHECK (engine cooling fan control circuit malfunction)

We run a test to check the actuators:

– fan 1 – works, turns on

– fan 2 – does not work, does not turn on

Further, using the same method of exception, we check and answer the question: WHAT specifically does not work and WHERE is the malfunction. To do this, open the fuse box and find a relay there that is responsible for the operation of fans 1 and 2 (thereby, we divide the suspected area into three: fans, wiring harness, relays, and check each one individually).

Here it becomes necessary to look at the electrical circuits in order to know exactly which relay is responsible for what, which wires specifically go to the first and second fans. But there are no schemes: a car manufactured in 2013, and from practical experience I can say that it is useless to look for schemes for this car on the Internet. For some, this fact becomes a sentence for the entire repair: “- Sorry, there are no circuits, go where the circuit is – the car is new!” But in my opinion, this position is not entirely correct: why look for schemes for the entire car? We only need to see a piece of the circuit?

Therefore, you should not waste time and it is better to use the proven method of searching for the necessary elements of electrical circuits: we become one probe of an ohmmeter for 85 contact of the relay and the second probe we go over all the pins. We find the desired one contact. Then we switch to the 86th contact of the relay and in the same way we look for the second contact:

Citroen Jumper (2013) 3

Find and mark them:

Citroen Jumper (2013) 4

Now we have the contacts that go from the control winding of the fan relay to the engine control unit. Thus, we saved a lot of time instead of fruitless searches on the Internet, found the piece of circuit we need and now the verification can be carried out further.

And the task is this: “Start the fans directly, check the health of the circuit and the fans themselves.” The steps:

1. We take out the relay of the idle fan and set a jumper instead – the fan is triggered. Conclusion: “This circuit is OK”.

2. We put the control on the control contacts, first to where the plus should be, we check, here it is “normal”, “plus” is present.

3. We get control on the “negative” control contact, run the test of actuators, there is no signal, it is clear: open circuit from the engine control unit to the relay control contact.

4. Visually traces the direction of laying the harness.

5. The left headlight is removed, the wiring harness is viewed and a rotten wire is located:

Citroen Jumper (2013) 5

A little more in the photo below: the arrow shows the connection point of the broken wire. The wire on its own, without any external influence took – and broke off.

Citroen Jumper (2013) 6

On the photo: this wire is banally “pushed away”.

And actually: the appearance of the electrical wires is as if they had lived in seawater for about five years. And the car, I remind you, the release of 2013, the start of operation of the car – the beginning of 2014. Operation is standard, urban and suburban conditions, the sea or ocean did not smell. Question: what do the French make their electric wires from and how do they connect with each other if in a few months they come into such a terrible state?

What we do next:

· Assistant repairs damaged wires

· Check errors, delete them

· Run the test of the first and second fans – everything is fine, it works

The question remains: for what purposes did the designers of this line of cars use such an algorithm and why limit the engine power in case of failure of one of the two fans, and, in such a rigid form, unless one fan can cope with cooling?

We conducted the final test: artificially create the same fault – remove the relay by fan control and get the same emergency mode.

They wanted to call the owner of the car already: “The malfunction is fixed, you can pick up the car,” but it was recalled that the client complained about a problem with the ABS system. He only complained, but didn’t want to repair: “There is no money yet.” But we decided to test our assumption about the quality of the wiring on this 2013 French car.

The scanner showed errors in the rear right wheel speed sensor. We disconnect the sensors from the wiring, we call the sensors themselves – they are working. We measure power on the sensors. On the left is, on the right is not. We connect directly to the contacts of the ABS control unit. We see that there is power, the conclusion: “The signal is lost somewhere in the wires.” And most likely, based on the experience of eliminating the first malfunction, the problem is again in the wiring.

So I will argue with the saying: “French delivery vans are a little more expensive than diesel” GAZelle “, and in terms of reliability they are not much inferior to German classmates” …

And I won’t argue with the saying: “Citroen Jumper small truck … not too popular in Russia”.

Well, who doesn’t happen to.

Nitochkin Alexey Viktorovich

Autotechcenter “Good Hands”

Elektrostal (Moscow region), Prospect Mira, d.27a


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