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Citroen jumper

Citroen jumper 1

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I already spoke about such a minibus in the article “Citroen Jumper (2013). Typical malfunction”

Citroen jumper 2

For reference (useful):
The Citroën Jumper has been manufactured since February 1994 as the successor to the Citroën C25. The car was designed and manufactured at the Sevel joint venture (jointly with the PSA Group), resulting in three almost identical commercial vehicles Citroën Jumper, Fiat Ducato and Peugeot Boxer.
The car was equipped with 1.9 liter, 2.5 liter and 2.8 liter diesel engines. 2.5-liter and 2.8-liter +8140 engines taken from Iveco Daily. In addition, a 2.0-liter gasoline engine was offered. Some engine options were available on all-wheel drive versions..

In 2002, the Jumper was modernized, new large headlights were also introduced, the interior and equipment were revised, in addition, new engines appeared.

The second generation Citroën Jumper van introduced in 2006. Available under three brands: Peugeot Boxer, Peugeot Boxer and Fiat Ducato. Factories are located in Italy in the city of Atessa and in France, in the city of Valenciennes.

And so, I had to repair this French miracle again.

This car came to us after a “successful refueling with diesel fuel from canisters made from acid” and unsuccessful communication with two previous car services. In the first, nozzles were replaced. They leaked the remaining fuel, poured another, started the car – it works. Super.

The client was in a good mood: “It works!”. But happiness did not last long: a day and a half later Citroen kicked up, spewed a stream of white smoke from the exhaust pipe and stopped.

The second car service was smarter: they looked, dig deeper, and after the first unsuccessful attempt to start the engine, they prudently refused to accept Citroen for repair.

And in our car service there was just a place to study such a malfunction. So what we have: Citroen Jumper 2013 release, will not start. The starter turns, the engine does not start, and thick white smoke in the form of evaporated diesel fuel is poured from the exhaust pipe.

The injection system is here with an interesting name: “Haute pression Diesel Injection”. Or simply HDi (such a commercial name used by the PSA Peugeot Citroën group to designate engines equipped with direct fuel injection).

Already said that “auto non-core.” But there are basic concepts, we must remember and for now mentally imagine what came to the repair, for example, what happens after the ignition key is turned to start.
• When the starter is switched on, the control unit instantly checks the temperature of the coolant and, starting from this, sets the high fuel pressure.
• At the start of a start, the high pressure regulator is controlled by pulse width modulation.

High fuel pressure depends on one of the conditions:
– Engine speed above 20 rpm at least 4 perfect revolutions
– High pressure fuel rail pressure above 200 bar
The start phase ends when the engine speed threshold is reached..

The control unit commands diesel injectors only under the following conditions:
• Pressure above 200 bar (150 bar with a hot engine)
• The camshaft position sensor and the engine speed sensor are synchronized.

What happens if the engine fails to start?
· The control unit sends a PWM signal of maximum force about the forced pressure increase:
– Fuel high pressure regulator: 26%
– Fuel Regulator: 28 to 56%

Please note that so far this is only thoughts and basic knowledge. Things haven’t come to any concrete actions yet – you need to understand, understand and understand your thoughts on the possible reasons for not launching this Citroen, and only then proceed with specific actions: why waste time on unnecessary gestures?

What can cause a stop and further engine failure?
Here is the whole list. So, the motor will not start if there is an error in one of the following elements:
• Failure or any error in the rewritable memory Eprom
• Faulty pressure sensor, intake air temperature sensor
• Camshaft position sensor does not work
• There is no voltage on capacitor 1 and 2 in the injector control stage in the control unit
• Faulty pressure control circuit in the high pressure fuel rail
• The resulting diesel injector malfunction

Clear. It is necessary to remember and think further on the topic: there is pressure regulation on the motor. Who controls the pressure regulator and how? Motor failure due to low ramp pressure?

As many people know, the pressure regulator itself is controlled by PWM signals. But the value of the PWM signal must be based on some starting point – and for this, from the manufacturer, a matrix is ​​placed in the control unit in which there is this “starting point”: theoretical pressure value.

But these are all thoughts, it is time to do something with your hands. I connect the scanner, I see that there is no pressure in the fuel rail. More precisely, it seems to be there, it seems to start to rise when it is scrolled by the starter, but then “smoothly disappears”, but at the same time, as he said, thick smoke is pouring out of the pipe in the form of evaporated diesel fuel.

And if the necessary fuel pressure is not accumulated in the ramp for the unit to supply pulses to the injectors, then where does the diesel fuel come from in the exhaust? ?

It seems that something with the tightness of the nozzles?

Clear. It is necessary to get to the nozzles. Why do you need to look at the nozzles? Well, if only because no doctor will do surgery under the sheet; no musician will play under the cover.


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