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Citroёn C4 Picasso

Citroёn C4 Picasso 1

Compact Citroёn C4 Picasso – space “tube”

Citroёn C4 Picasso 2

The new Picasso C4, the debut car from the PSA Peugeot Citroën group, built on the mid-size modular platform EMP2. It should be noted that during its development, company engineers received patents for 116 innovations. The design made it possible to minimize the dimensions of the machine, without causing damage to the space of its cabin. The compact became shorter, wider in the wheel base, the engine position was underestimated. In addition, the new model has lost 140 kg. of the total mass. This was largely facilitated by the use of “volatile” metals and new types of plastic.

1.6 engines remained the same, but they made adjustments by integrating start-stop systems to increase environmental friendliness and efficiency. The C4 Picasso is supplied to the domestic market with a VTi 120sil petrol ICE with manual transmission (5), and an 115 hp e-HDi diesel turbo engine with 2 types of transmission units, manual transmission (6), or a “robot” (6). In the near future, a powerful gasoline THP 150 forces will replenish the line, paired with an automatic transmission (6).

Picasso’s main focus, of course, is the interior. Externally comfortable, affordable, thanks to wide doorways and low thresholds. But the inner content deserves attention. It’s difficult to call a multifunctional steering wheel, but it is equipped with an electric power steering, and, finally, it has become traditional (in previous models a hub lock of the mechanism was installed). The front panel looks more assembled, they decided to refuse all additional compartments, optional buttons, and toggle switches. The drawer of the center console was also eliminated by mounting a touch display in its place, with the help of which the climate control, multimedia, navigation and auxiliary systems are controlled. Also, in the equipment line there are: a Vision 360 perimeter surveillance system (selective camera activation), a parking assistant, fully automatic and multi-position. The possibilities of multimedia equipment, in ensuring a pleasant pastime, should not be spread. There are complaints about the device’s interface (“slows down”), but the logic is up to standard, especially in the latest version of C4 Picasso the system is so simplified that any student can easily figure it out. Near the driver is a voluminous box, a front seat with support for the legs. The interior is still bright, although the glazed areas were slightly cut..

Another innovation in the C class. Now the tailgate is electric. The compartment itself is increased in volume to 537 liters, and if the passenger seats are pushed forward, it will become even larger.

Unfortunately, the car is quite expensive. Today it is offered in 3 trim levels: Intensive, Tendance, Exclusive. The gasoline modification of 120 forces and manual transmission (5) works stably, but does not cause violent emotions. The power unit begins to spin and demonstrate its potential from the mark of 3 thousand revolutions. In addition, there is a constant need to customize the engine, including lower gear. Another gripe of this modification is poor stability on a given course. Medium stiff suspension, just for European users.

The modification with a diesel ICE and a robot (6) is quite dynamic but, for driving on broken roads, is not suitable at all, although larger diameter wheels are installed on it. ICE with a turbine pulls well already at the bottom, and on the course the car is much more confident than the previous one. Soon, a more powerful gasoline ICE, 150 forces, is expected to appear in the series, but how it will manifest itself will become clear later.


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