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Contributing to Safety Tires – Tires and Wheels

Contributing to Safety Tires - Tires and Wheels 1

Contribution of tires to increased safety

Every year, 1.24 million people die in road accidents in the world, but this could have been avoided if drivers knew more facts about the impact of tires on traffic safety.

According to statistics, 1/3 of motorists do not know the minimum recommended tire tread depth, and 50% of cars are used with the wrong tire pressure. At the same time, these are one of the most important factors that affect traffic safety..

Contributing to Safety Tires - Tires and Wheels 2

Hydroplaning is mainly due to insufficient tire tread depth..

Hydroplaning occurs on wet surfaces when the tire loses contact with the road and begins to ‘float’, which leads to loss of control over the car. With a large tread depth, the tire remains in contact with the road even at high speed. With a residual depth of 3 mm, water wedges between the tire and the road, which increases the braking distance, but the car remains manageable. At the minimum permissible tread depth of 1.6 mm, the water layer prevents contact with the road, which significantly affects the handling and braking distance.

Contributing to Safety Tires - Tires and Wheels 3

Thus, heavy rain, too fast movement and insufficient tread depth are the main reasons for aquaplaning. Continental recommends that you keep a sufficient depth of the tread pattern, as it alone guarantees the removal of water from the contact patch and minimizes the chance of aquaplaning. To ensure maximum grip on wet roads, it is important to change tires when the remaining tread depth reaches 3 mm.

Incorrect pressure affects driving safety

Incorrect tire pressure significantly reduces their service life, increases fuel consumption and worsens driving performance. For example, if the tire pressure is only 0.6 bar less than it should be, then the fuel loss will be 4%, and the service life will be reduced by 45%, since the contact area of ​​the rubber with the road will increase and the tread will begin to wear out more. In addition, low pressure will increase the risk of tire damage. At the same time, a pumped tire will react more severely to road bumps from which the suspension will suffer, in addition, the machine’s handling will deteriorate due to increased wear of the steering parts.

Contributing to Safety Tires - Tires and Wheels 4

It is important to remember that the correct tire pressure is determined not by the tire itself, but by the recommendations of the car manufacturer! The recommended pressure for the wheels is written in the car’s operating instructions, as well as on a special sticker that can be found on the driver’s door pillar, on the gas tank flap on the inside or on the glove box lid on the inside.

Continental recommends checking your tire pressure at least 2 times a month to ensure your safety. If there is no desire or ability to do it yourself, you can contact authorized dealers.


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