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Country producer Lexus

Country producer Lexus 1

Country of manufacture Lexus

Country producer Lexus 2

Country of manufacture Lexus – Japan, an automobile company specializing in the production of cars. It is a division of Tayota Motors Corporation. Toyota is headquartered in.

The company specializes in the production of high-end cars, mainly for the United States market. Lexus equally combines quality, style and comfort. A car with high-quality operation of the engine and transmission and with an improved suspension mechanism, thanks to this it is perfectly controllable, and differs in a smooth ride.

Externally, the first Lexus LS 400 – had nothing in common with Japanese cars. It was made, immediately focusing on American consumers. This suggests that some famous Italian designer carrosserist had a hand in the body. And over time, this was confirmed – the Lexus GS300 was created by J. Giugiaro. Car photo Lexus GS 300, you can see below.

Where is the Lexus produced?? Tayota Concern produces cars under the Lexus brand in America. This is done to emphasize the purpose of the car – “for the Americans”, thereby indicating their difference from European and Japanese cars of the same concern. Cars for the American market are usually more powerful and not as economical as in the Japanese and European markets. It’s also important for Americans that cars are made in the states, and not in Japan, and this stimulates demand..

It would be strange to get into such an advanced car and not find “comfort”. The Japanese company has long taught consumers that Lexus is a high-quality finish and excellent functionality of any of the components.

Specifications Lexus, just as always on top. Ergonomics – without unnecessary comments, everything is in place. Seats of the 1st row with ventilation and electric adjustment, the 3rd row is folding electric drive, increasing the luggage compartment to an impressive size. Impression of the test of the chassis, the most positive, the large SUV goes perfectly on roads with different surfaces.


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