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CVT against the “automatic”

CVT against the "automatic" 1

CVT against the'automatic'

CVT against the “automatic”

Externally, it is almost impossible to distinguish what type of transmission you have to deal with. Automatic and CVT look exactly the same, but if you sit behind the wheel and you will feel a huge difference.

The CVT is a relatively new type of transmission, with a simplified design. In fact, this is a simple link that transfers traction from the engine to the wheels.. Than a variator is bad?

  • It does not aggregate with engines more powerful than 200 hp..
  • CVTs use special oil, which is an order of magnitude more expensive than usual.
  • Repair and service are also not cheap, and for this, as a rule, you only need to contact an authorized dealer.
  • Belt replacement must be carried out every 100,000 -150,000 kilometers.
  • It’s impossible to get off the variator quickly.

But this type of transmission has its advantages:

  • Continuous connection of the engine and wheels provides a quick set of speed.
  • Smooth transition from one gear to another.
  • Simplified design for fuel economy.

The classic “automatic” box is a much more complex device. The advantages of this type of transmission include reliability tested over the years and good interaction with the engine. But, despite this, the “machines” have several drawbacks:

  • Low dynamics and slow transition from one gear to another.
  • Due to the significant engine load, fuel consumption increases.
  • “Automatic” needs a huge amount of oil, about 7-8 liters.

What to choose? You can answer this question precisely only after you test both options. Comfort control depends on your driving style.


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