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CVT Transmission NISSAN CVT REOF21A – General Overview

CVT Transmission NISSAN CVT REOF21A - General Overview 1

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CVT NISSAN REOF21A – General Overview

NISSAN basically determined the type of next drivetrain – CVT .

If you don’t think about technological progress and hybrid technologies, then CVT is a long time.

A new type of CVT, installed on small models with a volume of up to 1300 cm cube (MARCH, MICRA), instead of the NCVT, became the REOF 21 A transmission .

NISSAN has updated the look of gear oils – now the new ATF for single speed automatic transmissions and NCVT CVTs is one. The only differences for Hyper CVT are NS 1 and already NS 2 .

CVT Transmission NISSAN CVT REOF21A - General Overview 2

The main difference from NCVT is that electronic control is introduced and the powder GT is replaced by a conventional one – oil type with a lock.

Unlike Hyper CVT – simplified management scheme

Missing as a class

– oil temperature sensor

– step motor (volume redistribution regulator)

– pressure sensor (already outside)

– shaft rotation sensors (5 volt meander output)

– pressure regulator (LPS solenoid)

– GT blocking valve

The main differences were undergone by the mechanism for adjusting the geometry of the wedge pulleys and their synchronization when changing the gear ratio. Two powerful electrovalves with a winding resistance of about 6 ohms are engaged in this. The pulse mode of these solenoids achieves the required volume in the pulley chambers during their adjustment:

CVT Transmission NISSAN CVT REOF21A - General Overview 3

The equivalent diameter of the working surface of the cone is determined by the rotation sensors on the Hall effect, similar to RE 0 F 06 A .

Linear pressure control valve as always low resistance (3 – 4 Ohms)

LOCK UP – pulse mode – 17 Ohm .

Pressure sensor (rotation sensor is visible below):

CVT Transmission NISSAN CVT REOF21A - General Overview 4

The linear pressure regulator provides an increase in pressure in proportion to the load to reduce losses and increase transmission efficiency. GT blocking is carried out by the motor temperature sensor. These machines already have the DIS 4 ignition system, therefore, a crankshaft rotation sensor is installed on the engine near the flywheel, and codes are entered, for example, GT blocking efficiency, which are determined by the difference between the rotation of the GT (pump wheel) and the input shaft of the automatic transmission after blocking the GT .

Pressure in STALL TEST mode at 40 kg, pressure sensor readings are linear and proportional to pressure increase .

Diagnostics can begin with waveform measurements from rotation and pressure sensors.

Checking solenoid valves is easier to carry out on the connector under the hood.

On this model, in addition to the standard one, a fine oil filter is added to the pan, mounted on the top of the housing and replaced as a regular engine filter (CVT inscription). This greatly prolongs the life of the automatic transmission. The small volume of oil is compensated by another system for returning it from the oil cooler – it returns directly to the intake point of the internal filter through the channel in the pan cover .

The rest is the same, a steel chain, two pulleys, a housing and a pump.


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