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Dacia lodgy stepway

Dacia lodgy stepway 1

Dacia lodgy stepway

Dacia lodgy stepway 2

Model Lodgy officially debuted in 2012 at the Geneva auto show. Two years later, in Paris, the Romanians showed a minivan version called Stepway. It is designed for 7 passengers.

Externally, Dacia Lodgy Stepway differs from the original in its off-road focus. This is dictated by impressive 16-inch wheels and protective plastic body kits. They are made of black plastic and cover the bottom of the car. Their goal is to protect the paint from scratches caused by small stones, bushes, etc..

The main equipment of the Lodgy Stepway is richer than the standard model, it is noticeable even from the outside. Application on the body, as well as logos emphasize the exclusivity of the minivan. The main thing that impresses in the cabin is its functionality and spaciousness. The word Lodgy in translation from English means “small house” – the name perfectly matches the spaciousness of the car. The legroom for the driver and all passengers (including in the third row) is more than enough. Dacia Lodgy Stepway offers a luggage compartment of 207 liters in the case of 7 seats, 827 liters when the third row of seats is folded and an impressive 2617 liters when using only 2 front seats. All seats are comfortable, except that there is a slight flaw in the weak lateral support. In terms of convenience for third-row passengers, this minivan is not inferior to its competitors.

The top-end Lodgy Stepway engine is a 1.5-liter turbodiesel (110 hp). This unit is extremely economical, while offering pretty decent dynamics. Consumption in the combined cycle is 5.1 liters per 100 km. Big wheels with low profile tires create more cornering stability.

The cost of the simplest Lodgy Stepway minivan is about 10.6 thousand dollars. In turn, for the top-end modification will have to pay about 17,000.


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