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Daewoo Damas or practical exotic

Daewoo Damas or practical exotic 1

Daewoo Damas or practical exotic

Daewoo Damas or practical exotic 2

Daewoo Damas is a Korean subcompact van made in an unusual form for us and in a strange shape. However, despite this, this rather exotic little car has a number of advantages over others. In this article we will just talk about them.

The body type of the car in question is a minibus with an arrangement of seats in the passenger version in three rows. There is also a cargo modification containing two seats, but having a rather modest payload – 560 kg. Damas enjoys some popularity, so engineers from South Korea are constantly modifying cars. For example, the latest version of this van has such an advantage over previous models as increased capacity. True, this version has no windows on the back and sides..

The technical characteristics of this car are as follows – equipped with a 0.8 liter three-cylinder carburetor engine, power 38 hp (in another modification – 45 hp), speed – 114 km / h, fuel consumption per 100 km is equal to four and one tenth of a liter. The value of this tiny and low-power machine is commercial or family use. Its advantage is that the machine is very convenient and inexpensive.

The following can be said about the history of this offspring “Daewoo”. This car appeared for the first time back in 1997, at the end of the last century. It underwent significant changes in 2004 – restyling was carried out, the appearance and some body parts were changed. In the South Korean market, the model received a new index – Daewoo Damas 2.

The passenger version of Damas, which we spoke about a little earlier, is known for its high-quality interior, which does not deteriorate for a long time even with heavy use of the car. The question of buying auto parts for this car from the owners is not acute – spare parts can be purchased in special or company stores.

The handling of the car is considered to be good by right, and the owners also noticed that when overcoming even fairly difficult road obstacles, the car does not emit unpleasant vibrations.

Subject to the rules for using the car, its service life can be very long. There are some recommendations for use, for example, the creators of the car set the oil change rate for this car – for an engine running on gasoline, this is every 15 thousand kilometers, for a diesel engine – every 7 thousand.

In this article, a rather interesting Korean car was considered. Thanks for attention!


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