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Daewoo magnus

Daewoo magnus 1

Daewoo magnus

Daewoo magnus 2

The debut of the Daewoo Magnus sedan took place in mid-2000. This model is very large and is in the Daewoo line in second place after Daewoo Chairman. This front wheel drive car has a transverse power unit. The model was based on the well-known Daewoo Leganza platform, only slightly improved and adapted for this model. And it was thanks to these developments that the model turned out to be more than the same Daewoo Leganza. The dimensions of this model are very impressive: the length including both bumpers is 4770 mm, the width without mirrors is 1810 mm, with a height of 1650 mm and a wheelbase of 2700 mm. The appearance of this model turned out to be very pompous, with a clear bias on American car models. This is evidenced by the large radiator grille with the bonnet branded badge located above it, L-shaped front dimensions that are successfully combined with the rear dimensions having a more flat and rectangular shape. By the decision of the developers, all this car styling was performed by the famous ItalDesign Italian car studio, which worked very successfully not only on the appearance of the model, but also on its interior, or rather the interior. The color variation and performance style of which also strongly resembles the salons of American cars. The main material was plastic in light brown shades, and the skin was a substitute of very good quality used to decorate armchairs and soft surfaces in the cabin. In addition, at the request of the buyer, the leather deputy can be replaced with genuine leather, on all four doors in the cabin there are wood inserts. The front panel is made of high quality polyurethane material. As for the dashboard, all the values ​​on it are easily readable, not covered by the steering wheel, and in the dark, very well lit. All the controls of the car are in a convenient location, but the interior itself boasts its spaciousness and convenience..

2003 was a year of change for this model, so by decision of the developers, the radiator grille was changed and the car’s suspension, both rear and front, was modified.

As for the engines, there are 3 types of them for the Russian car market: the basic version with a volume of 2 liters with a capacity of 115 horses, the ZF version capable of working with a 5-speed automatic with a volume of 2 liters. and a capacity of 130 horses, and a forced one having a 2.5 liter volume with a capacity of 157 horses working with both mechanical and automatic transmissions.


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