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Daewoo Matiz for a girl

Daewoo Matiz for a girl 1

Daewoo Matiz for a girl

Daewoo Matiz for a girl 2

Not everyone knows that Daewoo Matiz was not invented by Koreans at all, but Italians who worked in ItalDesign studio and created a small Fiat, but for some reason gave it to Daewoo. Mathis is compact, has 5 doors and is in great demand among the fair half of humanity in Western Europe. The machine is maneuverable, it is lightweight and has front-wheel drive, which is especially good in snowy Russia. Auto feels good in the dense stream of the metropolis. Mathis has good dynamic characteristics and in addition the car has good roominess and comfort. The first model Daewoo Matiz introduced in 1998 in Geneva.

The car had a mechanical 5-speed transmission, and already in 1999 a car with automatic transmission was released. The machine now has a continuously variable CVT and automatic clutch. Matiz “mini” class has a surprisingly spacious interior with a pretty beautiful front panel and an original instrument cluster. Of course, inexpensive plastic went for it. The driver’s seat is ergonomic, and the steering wheel is small, but comfortable for the hands. The cabin has good sound insulation and almost inaudible engine noise.

The trunk is small 165 liters, but you can increase it if you fold the rear seat. Since 2001, the car has been made in Uzbekistan, and in 2002 the model was modernized and received a four-cylinder liter engine. Daewoo Matiz comes to our country in 4 versions, and the richer the equipment, the higher the price of the car. Women buy a car with both automatic and manual gearboxes. The car provides an audio system, and a central lock. The car body is such that it has the most insignificant crushing zones in case of damage. And this is achieved by the fact that the roof is reinforced with power beams built into the doors. In the event that the machine overturns, the plastic tank is able to prevent gas leakage and fire. Mathis is equipped with good brakes and an ABS system and two airbags that will preserve the life and health of the driver and passenger in a collision.

For girls who do not have to understand the “insides” of a car, it’s enough to know that you need to fill in the tank with gasoline and go to the sink in time. Spare parts for Daewoo Matiz are inexpensive and always available in any technical center. In the Moscow region there are quite a lot of cars of this brand and they feel great in the dense stream of large cars.


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