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Daewoo matiz

Daewoo matiz 1

Daewoo matiz

Daewoo matiz 2

This car was first introduced to the public in 1998 at the Geneva Motor Show. This exhibition model had a 3-cylinder power unit with a volume of 0.8 liters and a capacity of 55 horsepower. The transmission was a 5-speed manual. Subsequently, this model has an automatic transmission. In 2000, the model undergoes a number of improvements and changes, both external and internal, and the updated Daewoo Matiz was introduced in Paris in the fall of 2000. This car was already 10.5 cm higher than its predecessor, the body acquired more streamlined forms, the windshield became larger, thereby improving the road view. The developers increased the wheel arches and slightly modified the headlights to make them more oval. As for the interior of this model, it turned out to be very spacious despite the fact that this model belongs to the mini class. The interior of a model not a model cannot boast of luxury, but it turned out to be quite cozy and comfortable. The main material for interior trim was plastic, very good quality, it is also used to trim the front panel. The driver’s seat with the maximum number of adjustments for this model is very ergonomically and conveniently located, the comfortable steering wheel does not take up much space, as well as all the necessary devices and mechanisms for controlling cars that are at the driver’s hand. In addition, the interior is finished with soundproofing material. The luggage compartment of this model is 165 liters, which is not small for such a crumb, in addition, it can be increased by folding the rear seats.

The year 2001 for the model also brought changes, not in terms of appearance and filling, but in terms of assembly, now they began to assemble cars in Uzbekistan. The next changes overtook this model in 2002, and they affected both the exterior of the machine and its internal structure. The engine was improved and has now become a 4-cylinder with a volume of 1.0 l.

Several modifications of this model are available for the Russian car market at once: (the basic version of a car with a 3-cylinder and 56 horsepower engine, working in conjunction with a 5-speed manual, the DLX version has a 54 horsepower engine with a capacity of 0.8, working with 4 And the Best equipment with a 1-liter engine, with a capacity of 65 horses and the ability to be equipped with both mechanical and automatic transmissions. In addition, if desired, the car owner can be equipped with a power steering, parking sensors , Alloy wheels and much more.


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