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Daewoo Nexia GLE

Daewoo Nexia GLE 1

Daewoo Nexia GLE

Daewoo Nexia GLE 2

Many motorists fiercely dream of their own foreign car. Some can afford to buy it, while others can not. Those who do not have the financial ability to buy the car of their dreams are forced to continue to dream about buying such a car. The exit for many in this situation may be the car Daewoo Nexia GLE. This car embodied many excellent qualities of inexpensive, but at the same time time-tested foreign cars. This car has become common in our country. It only says that the car has a very excellent and reliable quality, as well as an affordable price. Many may wonder, “So why is this car reliable and of high quality, but so little cost. Many foreign cars of this class are priced at around 5 to 10 thousand dollars more? What is the reason then?”.

It is worth starting the story about this car from nutria. Opening the car door in the cabin is a very comfortable and practical seat that will appeal to many motorists. Sitting behind the driver’s seat, you can safely get to any pedals, as well as car control units. It is quite very convenient. The driver, along with the passengers, can feel comfortable in the car, as there is a lot of space in it. This is a comfortable, five-seater car that is suitable for both family and youth.

The steering as well as the steering wheel is thought out very high quality. Driving a car is just a fairy tale. The standard steering wheel is made of special plastic covered with leather substitute. He does not slip in his hands while driving. The dashboard in the car is made to the highest level. The entire digital panel is made efficiently, and in the dark there is a backlight that illuminates the devices well. It is also available in the glove compartment, which makes it irreplaceable in the dark. It is not necessary to turn on the light in the cabin if something needs to be found in the glove compartment.

The front and rear visibility for the driver has a wide angle, which eliminates any problems when driving a car. Surrendering now you don’t need to ask someone to point out where to go or by opening the driver’s door yourself and watch so that the bumper does not catch the curb.

Exterior mirrors are provided in large sizes, their settings are enough to see normally what is happening behind the car. Lighting technology on the car is made to the highest level. The light produced by the headlights is very bright and well illuminates the entire path of the car.

Many are interested in what this car has under the hood. Here a 1.5 liter DOHC system unit is installed. The consumption of this engine in the city is not great about 8 liters, and on the highway it is even less than 6 – 6.5 liters per 100 km. The engine has a good moto resource, which does not require frequent diagnostics. The box in the car is mechanical, five-speed. The gearshift is very smooth, which does not cause any complaints.

The car is standardly equipped in the Russian market with two airbags, air conditioning, ABS, power steering, as well as an MP3 player.

Summing up the Daewoo Nexia GLE car, we can say that this is a great option for a purchase. This car is an order of magnitude cheaper than many foreign cars, but not inferior to them. Driving this car is very pleasant and comfortable..


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