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Datsun on-do

Datsun on-do 1

Datsun on-do

Datsun on-do 2

Today in every corner of our planet there is a country that can not do without any other kind of goods of the budget option. And it can be, like housing, services and of course a car. As for the first and second options, then a completely different topic, but in terms of the car, you can highlight one very interesting option, such as Datsun on-DO.

In general, this kind of car is rightfully considered the newest, which appeared on the expanses of our homeland much recently. And despite the fact that it has a huge amount of a certain kind of characteristics inherent in the Russian auto industry, Datsun on-DO still has a native Japanese origin.

In addition, due to the fact that this car is fully oriented to developing countries from an economic point of view, and in particular to Russia, the appearance of Datsun on-DO is somewhat similar to our domestic Lada Grant.

It is worth noting that, in principle, a very interesting situation has developed with this kind of car. The thing is that around the middle of the 80s in Japan, this car was recognized as completely hopeless in connection with which its production was suspended. However, quite recently, a company such as Nisan decided to revive a company producing this kind of car. It should be borne in mind that one of the characteristic features of this brand of car is that it does not have its own model range. Many may say that a company cannot exist without a lineup. However, in reality this is completely wrong..

First of all, the situation is that Datsun is just a brand that comes to a certain kind of country at a certain period and just becomes the name of existing cars. For example, in India, Datsun is represented as a modernized TATA brand car, in Russia it is a VAZ. In this connection, Datsun is just a logo.

As for the technical characteristics of this kind of car directly, it is worth remembering the fact that, on the whole, it is of Russian-Japanese origin with a complete set of domestic developments. In this connection, Datsun on-DO has a 1.5 gasoline engine, the power of which is approximately 87 horsepower. It also has a mechanical gearbox of model 2180. In principle, all these characteristics completely coincide with the domestic auto industry, not only positive but also negative points.

As a rule, the number of minuses includes motor vibration, sounds familiar to VAZ coming from boxes and much more. However, at the same time, Japanese manufacturers also contributed to this kind of car. For example, these are electronic systems such as ABS and EBD. And the sound insulation is very good. Therefore, as is the protection, which provides for the presence of airbags.

In general, a Datsun on-DO car has a huge number of similar qualities with our domestic Lada Grant, but with very large modifications.

For example, a distinctive feature of Grants is a very serious feature – it is a synthesis of rounded and square shapes of various kinds of body elements.

But in terms of overall parameters, it should be noted that in general this kind of car is primarily positioned as a B class sedan. As for its size, in general, Datsun on-DO is slightly larger than our Grant.

As for the price value, as a rule, for a complete set you will have to pay about 400 thousand rubles, which is generally quite a bit.

In the end, I want to note that this car is a very profitable purchase for people who want to buy a budget car.


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