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Defects when buying a car

Defects when buying a car 1

How to see hiding defects when buying a car

Defects when buying a car 2

What a blessing for a car enthusiast when the opportunity arises to purchase a car. It does not matter if she is a new car or a used one, but still so coveted. But on the way to the fulfillment of a cherished dream, there may be many obstacles, for example, hidden defects. How to find them? This will be discussed.

As a rule, defect detection is more often encountered when buying a used car. For the first inspection of the machine, you should take a friend with you – together it is easier to detect defects. Although, the ideal option would be to invite an experienced car mechanic. Inspection of the car should begin with the body, as it has the highest price of the entire car. It is important that the body does not change, as the seller can add a price to the car. Well, the replaced body indicates the possible participation of the car in an accident. Also, you should notice paint defects, most often they appear when buying a new car. Their presence indicates a violation of the staining technology and the unprofessionalism of the master. Do not miss those areas that are repainted and putty. Their presence indicates that the body is rusted or there was a reckless driving. Regarding rust, the car has several weaknesses – this is the body under the rubber bands of windows, sills and the trunk. They should be examined with special care. Next, you should check the doors – they must be closed without making extraneous sounds, evenly from the same applied force.

The next step is to highlight the inspection of the engine. There should not be drops of paint on engine parts, as this may indicate repainting the car. The engine should not have visible traces of oil or gasoline, but it should be alert for traces from a recent wash, which indicates the seller’s intentions to hide leaks of fuels and lubricants. Next, you need to start the car. The engine should start from the first turn of the key, without making extraneous sounds. It is necessary to sharply press a gas pedal – the motor should sharply gain speed without a definite pause. As for exhaust gases, they should not be visualized at idle. And you can see them by pressing sharply on the gas pedal. The presence of visible gases at idle indicates a malfunction. When inspecting the chassis, you should swing the car over each wheel, if it returns to its original position quickly, then the shock absorbers are working. You can also drive up to the speed bump during a test drive. The less the machine makes the vibrations, the better.

Hidden defects are very insidious, you can not notice them at first sight, but by studying their possible manifestations, you can protect yourself from buying a faulty car.


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